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Introducing CO_Driver. The Crossout Omni-tool.

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Hey Guys, Rot_Fish_Bandit here. 

I've spent the last 8 months developing analytic tools for my clan as I've tried to design and develop the "worm" archetype and play full auger teams in clan wars.

I'd like to share what I've been working on with y'all, a bundle of tools based on live file parsing of the game's log files.

This project is changing constantly and far from polished but hopefully it's current state can be of some use. Below is a sample of some of the functionality you can expect.

All screens update live as you play the game.

Performance Summary

Shows aggregate data on your performance according to search criteria. Shows total resource gain, map performance, nemesis/victim tracking, and other performance metrics.


Ex1. Overall performance in 8v8 matchmaking.


Ex2. Clan War performance.


Ex3. Solo 8000 power score using chords on meat grinders.


 Test Drive Analysis

Shows a break down of weapon performance in the test drive. Builds graphs live as you fire and offers the ability to compare trials against each other.
Supports time based trials and damage based trials.


Ex1. Comparison of 3 plasma emitters in 10 second trial.


Ex2. Comparing 3 lumpara with 4 seals (trial 1) against 3 lumpara with 4 shivers(trial 2) in 30 second trial.

Post Match Recap

Gives a detailed post match recap, showing damage distribution, more detailed performance information.


Ex1. 8v8 match on Broken Arrow.

Build Review

Organizes the builds you've used and shows specific performance metrics for each.


Ex1. Performance of a specific Spike build in 8v8 with a group.

Match History

Shows a detailed list of matches. Able to be ordered and sorted. 


Ex1.Most recent match history.

Fusion Calculator

Calculate the real cost of fusing items with a probability based calculation of estimated cost.


Ex1. Cost of cohort fusion targeting 2 fusions in reliability and 1 in handling. Real cost 19,670 to have a 50% chance. 36,530 for a 75% chance.

View Available Parts

Loads a list of parts based on user levels configured in the Settings tab. Useful for building builds for lower level friends or part analysis and comparison.


Ex1. All unlocked parts sorted by mass.

Manual Part Selection

Allows for the manual theory crafting of a build. 


Ex1. Collection of parts with co driver and cab fusion applied.

Clan War Schedule

Shows a clan war schedule adjusted for your local time zone and daylight-saving. 


Ex1. CW schedule for EST.

File Traces

Shows a live feed of the game's log files. Useful for copying text directly from chat with the chat.log.


Ex1. Game.log

General Features

Press "Capture current window" and copy directly to clipboard. Just press ctrl+v to paste.
All tables support copy paste directly into excel. 
Tables also support ctrl+click or shift+click functionality.
All files are stored in your "my documents" folder.
Updates occur automatically when launching CO_Driver.

CO_Driver is mostly stable but far from polished, please let me know about any problems you have.



Please report bugs and discuss at discord.

Thanks for hearing me out, you guys really are a awesome community. See you in the wasteland.


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Fantastic!  I was going to develop something that does similar things but now I don't have to :D

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Damn it's pretty amazing to see it displaying stats in real time. Awesome work !

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Good job

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This is incredibly useful and well done. I was almost expecting sounds and music, that's how impressive it is.

Please someone give this man a proper custom badge or sticker !

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