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[Update] [PS4] Crossout 2.28. Winter Mayhem

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“Winter mayhem” returns to the Wasteland! Take part in the event and get a unique event logo and a commemorative tank for your range!


Winter mayhem

Attention! The event will last till March 7 inclusive!

Traditional “Winter mayhem” returns to Crossout! This year, we have adjusted the number of rating points required to enter a battle within a league, reduced the number of leagues and updated the blueprints of armoured vehicles. Let’s look at all the features of the event in more detail:

  • Battles are held on special maps: “Tank range” and “River lighthouse”.
  • Survivors will use pre-built armoured vehicles in the format “8 vs 8”.
  • At the beginning of each battle, you can choose the desired armoured car:
    • A choice of 5 blueprints with different weapons and, accordingly, roles.
    • The same blueprint can be selected at the same time by no more than 3 players.
    • If you do not have time to choose a car in the allotted time, the blueprint is randomly selected.
  • The mode has respawns. Before the respawn, you need to choose one of the 5 cars on which you want to continue the battle. If you do not have time to change the car in the allotted time, you will automatically be given the same armoured car as before
  • Your objective in the battle: fill the point scale earlier than the opposing team, or score more points before the time runs out. Points are awarded for the destruction of opponents.
    • A team is awarded a win if it scores 50 points and outscores the opponent's team by at least 5 points.
    • If one of the teams scores 50 points, but the gap of 5 points is not reached, the game continues until the allotted time expires, or one of the teams outscores the opponent's team by 5 points. If one of the teams scores 100 points, the battle is also over.
    • A team is awarded a win if it outscores the opponent's team by 5 points after the game timer expires.
    • If the gap of 5 points is not reached at the end of the timer, the teams are given an additional 3 minutes to allow one of the teams to prevail. If this does not happen, the team that scores more points wins at the end of the extra time. If both teams have equal points, a draw is declared.
  • The number of points for each destruction increases, depending on the number of bases that your team controls:
    • No bases: 1 point for destruction.
    • 1 base: 2 points for destruction.
    • 2 bases: 3 points for destruction.
    • 3 bases: 4 points for destruction.

The rating points are awarded not for victory, but for personal contribution of the player to the battle's results:

  • The rating points earned by the player affect his place in the leaderboard and belonging to one of the leagues.
  • Rating points for each player are awarded as follows:
    • For destroying the opponent, the player receives as many points as he has brought victory points to the team with this kill.
    • For assistance in destroying the enemy, the player receives 1 point. Assistance in destruction is counted only if the enemy was destroyed within 15 seconds after you dealt damage to him last time.
    • All players who take part in the capture of a base receive 1 point for the destruction of each opponent by any ally as long as the base is under the control of your team.
  • In addition, all participants in the battle, depending on their contribution, receive reputation points and scrap metal at the end of each battle.
  • Now the player pays with rating points to enter the battle. The entry fee depends on the player's current league:
    • Rust: 0 points
    • Iron: 5 points
    • Steel: 10 points
    • Bronze: 15 points
    • Silver: 15 points
    • Gold: 20 points
  • Each ranked league is safe. This means that you will no longer be able to drop into the league below, even if you face a series of defeats. If you reach the minimum points in the current league, points for entering the battle will not be deducted and you will not go down to the previous league.
  • If you lose, you do not lose rating points, except for those that you spent on entering the battle.



  • Each participant of the event who has reached the “Iron” league receives a unique banner logo. The logo will be changing depending on your current league. The player will have the same logo that will correspond to the player’s league at the time the event ends.
  • All players who reach the “Gold” league will receive a unique decor “Solduck” as a reward.
  • All players who reach the “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold” leagues will receive a unique object for the range as a reward — a tank. The appearance of the tank will be updated as you progress up the leagues. As a result, the tank corresponding to your league at the end of the event will remain in your storage.
  • Depending on your current league, the amount of scrap metal received will be:
    • Rust: base amount.
    • Iron: +5%.
    • Steel: +10%.
    • Bronze: +15%.
    • Silver: +23%.
    • Gold: +45%.
  • For completing the special challenge “Take part in capturing the base in the brawl “Battlefield” in 3 battles” you will receive 2 unique stickers “Gray Towers” as a reward.
  • For completing the special challenge “Win in the brawl “Battlefield 5 times” you will get 2 unique stickers “Green tracks” as a reward.



Improved responsiveness of cars on tracks, and fixed “twitchiness” in their movements.


  • Improved the glow effect during the use of the “Jannabi” cabin’s perk.
  • Slightly improved appearance of most structural parts from the “Syndicate” update.
  • Improved AI logic when using “Kaiju” cannon and “Jubokko” minelayer.
  • Improved the logic of the “Yokozuna” cabin’s perk.
  • Ammunition of “Yaoguai” autonomous drones is no longer increased by modules of “Ammo pack” type. Now it requires a “Genesis” microfactory.
  • Decoration “Sakura” now belongs to the type “Stationary projector”.
  • Improved display of “Hologram projector” type parts in storage.
  • Improved the visual effect of the decor “Kuwagata”.


  • Fixed a bug in which the engine of the car on wheels or tracks began to accelerate (the sound effect was played) when pressing the strafe keys.
  • Fixed incorrect display of some paints on the cabin “Yokozuna”.
  • Fixed the logic of the “Yokozuna” cabin’s perk indicator.
  • Fixed a bug where the effect of slowing down the car from the “Kaiju” cannon did not work if additional weapons were installed on the car after it.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.
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Guest Chaotic-106(ps4)

Yessir agree with this. This and the. Christmas thing where u gotta save the truck. All on the own brawls of course. Well a brawl n the truck one can be a survival

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2 minutes ago, Guest Chaotic-106(ps4) said:

Yessir agree with this. This and the. Christmas thing where u gotta save the truck. All on the own brawls of course. Well a brawl n the truck one can be a survival

I just want free for all and storm warning to come back, even if they need extreme changes...

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