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Misadventures in the Wasteland Community Vote (readers please participate)

Misadventures in the Wasteland Community Vote (readers please participate)  

  1. 1. Monthly Comic or Daily Comic for 13-14 Days

    • Monthly
    • Daily

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  • Poll closed on 02/27/2021 at 08:53 AM

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I have not been able to decide if I should go old school and drop the comic, in full, once a month or do dailies for the next 13-14 days. I would like to have a time period in between issues where I don't have to think about the previous issue, but I also don't want to leave people hanging on the line too long in one form or another. So, readers, plz comment on whether you would like Monthly, or Daily for 13-14 days. Thank you all for reading MitW!! ~Smels_like_Brown

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