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Syndicate "level up" badge 3D model

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Hello survivors :)

I found pretty cool the badge that appears when you level up in the Syndicate battle pass, so I recreated it in 3D.

Feel free to print it, paint it, or even remix it with something else. Share your creation here or tag me on Instagram @cgeremyfr

Size : 153 x 40 x 4 mm

Software : SolidWorks

File format : STL

No support needed.

You can cut the swords with a software like Meshmixer and print it in multiple parts if it's too wide for your printer, and glue them back afterwards.

I included a version with a flat bottom, so it will be easier to print all the holes (Crossout Syndicate Badge 2.stl).



Syndicate Badge.7z


For personal use only. 

Model creator : C_Geremy


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10 hours ago, davmax07 said:

Here before gajin sues OP

Haha no worries, as long as I don't sell it with the name Crossout on it, it will be fine :lol:

Making stuff and putting it for free on this forum for everyone doesn't break any EULA rules :)

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