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Clean island issue

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After many appeals, this biggest chasis disballance is still present and no signal from devs was made, so I decided to STRONGLY appeal here:
1. An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened. 

Clean island has heating water which creates three HUGE disbalance issues between ground vehicles and flying vehicles. First, healthy hovers are not heated by the water. Second hovers can use cloack there. Third, they do not loose health there.

2. What did you expect to see/happen

All chasis should be treated equally here. Healthy hovers heated, decloacked, loosing health. There is no balance-wise argument why they are special.

3. How to recreate the situation

Take hover and go on water area in Clean island. Try to cloack. Take ground vehicle and do the same. Do they have equal conditions? Are there areas where ground vehicles have equal advantages?

4. Details


5. Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur?


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bro .. you have serious issues with common sense and logic. WHOLE IDEA of map hazards, is that they don't effect all vehicles. Melees are already BIG problem in game as it is, there's NO proper counter to them. They can rush hovers and insta destroy them. A 12000 PS melee can 1 hit a 19000 PS hover ..how is that balanced? .. yet you're here complaining about hover having advantage?

Why not complain over Sector EX map, where melees have HUGE advantage over any other build? You only seem to complain that hovers are OP .. when really they are NOT. You're one of those tunnel-visioned players, who only see ONE side of everything. Kapkans are already bad as it is .. they barely even help, you need AT LEAST 3 players with kapkan to counter 1 melee build, so how is that balanced?

Why not complain that we need a NUKE weapon, so whoever has lower ping and spams button faster, wins .. isn't that excellent idea? why even build and play the game, if you can spam just one button (while drooling all over your keyboard) and just insta win? .. I don't get people like you ... ENTIRE idea of Crossout, is to have VARIATION and counter to stuff ... things are NOT suppose to be equal lol.

hover counters heavy builds
melees counter hovers
heavy builds counter melees

this is how it's suppose to be, there's nothing wrong with map hazards that give advantage to certain builds .. how dumb are you? If you can't go into water with melee, THEN DON'T GO THERE!? You're like one of those who keeps punching himself in the face and then whines "omg it hurts" .. stop doing it then? unless you enjoy sadomaso or harakiri? You can easily stay in cap and let hovers come to you .. people like you make me sick, you just WHINE WHINE WHINE without using brain.

Only balance issue in Crossout, is that melees are bit too OP, there's not enough counters to them. 2x firebug + flash / spark build can pretty much destroy anything, even a heavy cohort build is not really match to it, because it can wedge under it and heavy build just can't shoot back, but even then you can use brain and tactics and out play the melee by staying in places where it's hard for them to drive, like on top of some bumps or near edges ..etc. So having map hazards like acid lake, geysers and heating water, is perfectly fine to balance hovers vs melees.

I'd recommend adding more map hazards, such as wind turbines on some map that make it harder for hovers to fly, also bring back the heavy sand, it should effect heavy vehicles only, they should get very slow in heavy sand, unless they use legs or augers. Map hazards are the most fun part about this game .. but you're so BORING person that you only want to play ONE BORING map with no map hazards .. why not just ask devs to remove ALL maps and just have pure empty grid map with no environment? Wouldn't that be exactly how you want it?

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32 minutes ago, Sethioz said:

I'd recommend adding more map hazards, such as wind turbines on some map that make it harder for hovers to fly

This is only argument which make little sense. I made similar one years ago -- acid clouds which affects only hovers as the acid lake affects only ground builds. BUT, what will happen when a ground build will travel on your turbine? Will it be affected? If your answer is yes, then it is NOT opposite hazard as acid and heating water. You label yoursel as a programmer and you talk about rock-paper-scissors counter mechanics. So I suppose you know what balance-wise symmetry means. Try to make map which is symmetrical like this. This means that it will have hazards for every chasis equally important and will have equal effect on battle behavior. There is NOT such a map. Only more or less advantageous for hovers.

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