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[Contest] The great race!


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Hello, survivors!
We invite you to participate in the new stage of “The great race”. The point is simple — you need to pass a certain track as quickly as possible. By the way, the range with this track was chosen among your works at the exhibition. But, first things first.
One important thing to mention — currently, the contest is exclusive for PC.

To participate in the activity, you need to:

  • Find the player RacingClub in the game (using search), open his profile.
  • In the upper right corner of his portrait, click the button with the arrow that opens the context menu.
  • Select “Visit the garage”.
  • Drive through the track from start to finish and record the process on video!
  • Upload the video to YouTube or any other video hosting service. The video must be available for viewing!
  • Post a link to the video in this thread, also indicating your completion time and the nomination in which you're participating, in your message. Nominations are explained below.

Criteria for getting through the race track:

  • Activated start block.
  • All checkpoints have been passed.
  • The finish block has been reached and a message with the result of the race has been displayed.
  • The track was completed faster or within the same time as our best try — 1:02,63.

You can participate in two nominations — with and without build restrictions.
The top three leaders in each of them will receive an award.

Build construction rules for participation in the first nomination, the one with restrictions:

  • Of the movement parts, only wheels are allowed to be installed on it. The "Omni" chassis does not count as a wheel. The number of installed wheels must be at least 4, and all of them must touch the ground when your build stands still.
  • No more than one booster!
  • No modules other than booster, engine, cabin and wheels. For example, "Skinner" harpoon is prohibited.

In the "no restrictions" nomination, obviously, there are no rules.

The faster you pass the track, the more chances you have of winning one of the prizes! The author of the range selected for the stage also receives a reward, but is excluded from the current race.
The creator of today’s track will receive 300 in-game coins and an “Amusement Container” as a reward. We carefully copied his range to avoid any inconvenience.

Rewards for participants:

  • First place in both nominations - 300 in-game coins and an “Amusement Container”.
  • Second place in both nominations - 200 in-game coins and a “Builder’s Container”.
  • Third place in both nominations - 100 in-game coins and a “Builder’s Container”.

Results will be summed up in a week, on the 2nd of April.
Good luck!

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Hello ! here is my attempt in no restrictions mode in 0:53.16 with my Hammerhead blueprint (parts used are in the picture). 

Wishing a good luck to all contestants 


Capture d’écran 2021-03-26 154011.png

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bracket misplace
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Non restricted mode, 34,78 s

restricted mode, 47,82 s

Please indicate the deadline date AND time next time, thanks.
Didn't try non restricted mode too much this time as I was disillusioned about xCataclysmx his time pretty early when the contest started. This dude is a machine. I am really curious about his videos this time.

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  • Developer

Hey everyone!
I apologize for making you wait for so long. Here's the list of our winners:
Non-restricted nomination:

  • First placexCATACLYSMx with a time of 0:22,02. Here's the link to his message. Their reward is 300 in-game coins and an "Amusement container".
  • Second place - @Herzog_Mamo with a time of 0:34,78. Link . Their reward is 200 in-game coins and a "Builder's container".
  • Third place - @GrosseMitre  with a time of 0:53,16.  Link Their reward is 100 in-game coins and a "Builder's container".

Restricted nomination:

  • First place - @Shawdr  with a time of 0:40,32. LinkTheir reward is 300 in-game coins and an "Amusement container".
  • Second place  - xCATACLYSMx with a time of 0:42,73.  Link Their reward is 200 in-game coins and a "Builder's container".
  • Third place - @Herzog_Mamo with a time of 0:47,82.  Link . Their reward is 100 in-game coins and a "Builder's container".

The rewards for players and the author of the range will be given out soon. Thank you for participating! :) 

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