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[Stories] Guiding star: Invisible doesn’t always mean “imaginary” (part 2)


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You may check out the first part here .

— So, only the dead don’t know about their arrival yet? — Ivy XO asked, not raising her head from under the hood of the armoured car. — It wasn’t the best option for them to be so noisy, considering what they’re looking for. Right, Foxy? 

Toward the end of the sentence, Ivy finally stopped digging into the details, and, carefully wiping her hands with an oily rag, looked kindly at Foxy. She was standing near the table with tools, picking over the parts in her hands.

— Maybe they wanted to do all their work quickly, taking the Valley by surprise… — Foxy suggested, feeling someone else’s eyes on herself.

— You’re always making excuses for everyone. On the other hand, it’s good that you keep the situation under control. These are not the best times.

Ivy slammed the hood and skilfully jumped into the cabin. The armoured car began to make coughing sounds, apparently in an attempt to start. Foxy put the parts on the table and came closer to the cabin so Ivy could hear her. One of the gears suddenly rolled over the workbench and just as unexpectedly stopped at the edge. 

— It’s not an excuse, it’s a tactical calculation! The Syndicate grows stronger every day. Their technology can be compared to the capabilities of Dawn’s Children and even surpass them. And Lloyd, it seems, has something to confront the Syndicate. Recently, the Dragons began recruiting survivors to prepare for war with him. They talk about it even in the “Keyhole”. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that it’s better not to do business with strangers, especially if they don’t even explain what needs to be done. 

The car never stopped “coughing”. Ivy slipped out of the cabin and approached the hood, cursing. 

— It seems that everything is really very serious, — said the leader of Engineers, as she looked inside the armoured vehicle again while taking the walkie-talkie out of her pocket. — I need a man to fix the engine of the “Arrow”. Is everything quiet at the checkpoints? That’s good to know. Over and out. 

— This is really serious, Ivy. The Dragons have already set up an outpost in the East Quarter,— Foxy approached an old friend and looked her in the eyes. I once swore to find Lloyd, and I think that the time has come. Tracking him has always been almost impossible. But since the Syndicate is also looking for him and they are doing better, we need to monitor their progress. 

The faction’s leader moved away from the subordinate and settled down at her desk, throwing her legs over it. 

— So that’s why you hinted at Lloyd when the Dragons first came to us. And if they can find him sooner? 

Ivy pointed her blue-eyed eye at the chair in front of her. And, waiting for her to sit down, sarcastically smiling, she said:

— These guys with funny wheels didn’t turn out to be so funny, did they? 

— That’s what I’m talking about! During that meeting of ours, Blade said that the Ravagers were still a threat, especially their technology in Lloyd’s hands. 

Suddenly Foxy looked back at the table, where she left the gears and drew a line to her feet with her eyes. Then she leaned to the floor and stroked the air several times near the chair where she was sitting. 

— So your pet is still with you... But still, why didn’t we hear about this danger sooner? — Ivy threw her hands up. 

— Maybe he was testing them, — Foxy thought for a few seconds and closed her eyes. — That time! When we tried to restore the memories of the Ravagers’ victims with this madman, he also prepared for a very long time and was able to start the machine only with Shaman’s help. He doesn’t have such an ally anymore. 

The radio in Ivy Go’s pocket hissed, but after listening for a few seconds, she interrupted the speaker and ordered him to come back later. 

— Your words make a lot of sense. I know you understand that, but let me remind you once again: the Syndicate is not our friends or even allies. Their goal may be not to destroy Lloyd and the technology of the Ravagers, but to capture them and then use them not in our favor. You will find out what their intentions are and you will find that psycho. But please, Foxy, be careful. 

Ivy approached her companion and looked into her eyes, and then hugged her tightly, taking the young woman by surprise.

— I demand regular reports on the progress of your investigation. I hope we can use the technology, but if that’s not the case, it will have to be destroyed. 

Suddenly there was a knock on the hangar door and the squeak of poorly oiled hinges was heard. Ivy immediately sat down in her seat and again threw her legs on the table, taking the first blueprint she caught in her hands. 

— I told you to come back later! 

— We should get going,— Foxy said as she got up. Finally, she dropped her gaze to the floor next to the chair where she had previously stroked the air. — Bunny, let’s go.

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9 minutes ago, Woodyrojo said:

Invisible doesn’t always mean “imaginary”

Cue Scatman John

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2 hours ago, Woodyrojo said:

The radio in Ivy Go’s pocket hissed...



Any relation to Ivan Go? (from Hard Truck Apocalypse, which is in the same universe as Crossout)

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Maybe ... it's his last name, or a different diminutive, for example there is a Russian surname called Gochep, Ivan / Ivy Gochep, And since "go" does not mean "let's go" in Russian language, his nickname is ivy "xo". ..DEVS COULD ANSWER? I am right?

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9 hours ago, DominusPericulum said:



Any relation to Ivan Go? (from Hard Truck Apocalypse, which is in the same universe as Crossout)

Maybe ... it's his last name, or a different diminutive, for example there is a Russian surname called Gochep, Ivan / Ivy Gochep, And since "go" does not mean "let's go" in Russian language, his nickname is ivy "xo". ..DEVS COULD ANSWER? I am right?

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14 hours ago, Woodyrojo said:


Puede consultar la primera parte aquí .

- Entonces, ¿solo los muertos aún no saben de su llegada? - preguntó Ivy XO, sin levantar la cabeza de debajo del capó del vehículo blindado. - No era la mejor opción para ellos ser tan ruidosos, considerando lo que buscan. ¿Verdad, Foxy? 

Hacia el final de la oración, Ivy finalmente dejó de indagar en los detalles y, secándose las manos con cuidado con un trapo aceitoso, miró amablemente a Foxy. Ella estaba parada cerca de la mesa con herramientas, escogiendo las partes en sus manos.

- Quizás querían hacer todo su trabajo rápido, tomando al Valle por sorpresa… - sugirió Foxy, sintiendo los ojos de otra persona en sí misma.

- Siempre estás poniendo excusas para todos. Por otro lado, es bueno que mantenga la situación bajo control. Estos no son los mejores tiempos.

Ivy cerró de golpe el capó y saltó hábilmente a la cabina. El vehículo blindado comenzó a toser, aparentemente en un intento de arrancar. Foxy puso las piezas sobre la mesa y se acercó a la cabaña para que Ivy pudiera oírla. Uno de los engranajes rodó repentinamente sobre el banco de trabajo y se detuvo inesperadamente en el borde. 

- ¡No es una excusa, es un cálculo táctico! El Sindicato se fortalece cada día. Su tecnología se puede comparar con las capacidades de Dawn's Children e incluso superarlas. Y Lloyd, al parecer, tiene algo que enfrentar al Sindicato. Recientemente, los Dragones comenzaron a reclutar sobrevivientes para prepararse para la guerra con él. Hablan de ello incluso en el "ojo de la cerradura". Desafortunadamente, no todos entienden que es mejor no hacer negocios con extraños, especialmente si ni siquiera explican lo que se debe hacer. 

El coche nunca dejó de "toser". Ivy salió de la cabina y se acercó al capó, maldiciendo. 

- Parece que todo es realmente muy serio - dijo la líder de Ingenieros, mientras volvía a mirar dentro del vehículo blindado mientras sacaba el walkie-talkie de su bolsillo. - Necesito un hombre para arreglar el motor del "Arrow". ¿Está todo tranquilo en los puestos de control? Es bueno saberlo. Una y otra vez. 

- Esto es realmente serio, Ivy. Los Dragones ya han establecido un puesto de avanzada en el Barrio Este, - Foxy se acercó a una vieja amiga y la miró a los ojos. Una vez juré encontrar a Lloyd y creo que ha llegado el momento. Rastrearlo siempre ha sido casi imposible. Pero dado que el Sindicato también lo está buscando y lo están haciendo mejor, debemos monitorear su progreso. 

El líder de la facción se alejó del subordinado y se sentó en su escritorio, echando las piernas sobre él. 

- Por eso insinuó a Lloyd cuando los Dragones vinieron por primera vez a nosotros. ¿Y si pueden encontrarlo antes? 

Ivy señaló con su ojo de ojos azules la silla frente a ella. Y, esperando que se sentara, sonriendo sarcásticamente, dijo:

- Estos tipos con ruedas divertidas no resultaron ser tan divertidos, ¿verdad? 

- ¡De eso estoy hablando! Durante esa reunión nuestra, Blade dijo que los Devastadores seguían siendo una amenaza, especialmente su tecnología en manos de Lloyd. 

De repente, Foxy volvió a mirar a la mesa, donde dejó los engranajes y trazó una línea a sus pies con los ojos. Luego se inclinó hacia el suelo y acarició el aire varias veces cerca de la silla donde estaba sentada. 

- Entonces tu mascota todavía está contigo ... Pero aún así, ¿por qué no nos enteramos de este peligro antes? - Ivy alzó las manos. 

- Quizás los estaba probando, - pensó Foxy durante unos segundos y cerró los ojos. - ¡Ese momento! Cuando tratamos de restaurar los recuerdos de las víctimas de los Devastadores con este loco, también se preparó durante mucho tiempo y pudo encender la máquina solo con la ayuda de Shaman. Ya no tiene un aliado así. 

La radio en el bolsillo de Ivy Go siseó, pero después de escuchar durante unos segundos, interrumpió al altavoz y le ordenó que regresara más tarde. 

- Tus palabras tienen mucho sentido. Sé que lo entiendes, pero déjame recordarte una vez más: el Sindicato no son nuestros amigos ni siquiera aliados. Puede que su objetivo no sea destruir a Lloyd y la tecnología de los Devastadores, sino capturarlos y luego no usarlos a nuestro favor. Descubrirás cuáles son sus intenciones y encontrarás a ese psicópata. Pero por favor, Foxy, ten cuidado. 

Ivy se acercó a su compañera y la miró a los ojos, y luego la abrazó con fuerza, tomando a la joven por sorpresa.

- I demand regular reports on the progress of your investigation. I hope we can use the technology, but if that is not the case, it will have to be destroyed. 

Suddenly there was a knock on the hangar door and the squeak of badly oiled hinges. Ivy immediately sat back in her seat and threw her legs back on the table, taking the close-up she caught in her hands. 

- I told you to come back later! 

"We should go," Foxy said as he got up. Finally, he looked down at the floor next to the chair where he had previously caressed the air. - Bunny, let's go.

For those who did not understand ... (sometimes the translation is very bad or it is not understood if you do not know the context of other stories) because there are some things that when read miss us

-ivy comments that the union has made too much fuss, and ivy does not understand why, well, if you want to destroy something you do it in silence and now ... foxy on the other hand, somewhat shy and manipulating some pieces says that maybe they wanted to take their place in the valley ... and as a matter of fact, they do, their technology is a bit more powerful than the DawnChildrens' and that Loyd is somehow fighting them and the syndicate hires anyone to take on Loyd which They have an army of ravagers, somewhat suicidal (new raid?, adventure mode?)

The thing is that they are bringing up the subject of going after loyd in fact foxy mentioned it for the union to intercept him, because it is difficult to find ... but ivy warns that they are not allies and that he must be careful ...

I highlight the fact that Foxy "looks and caresses the air" this is his imaginary pet "bunny", apparently ivy is also uncomfortable ... it seems that the crossout causes dementia, or mental illness ... and I don't know who he is the person looking for ivy, maybe the mechanic who was going to fix the car ...




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Did they announce this was gonna be an upgrade thing? Because if not, that’s real xxxx after I already upgraded some of my stuff. Wish they would at least let you use an upgraded item in the event. Like I don’t want power for my cohort I want the damn Mass -17 and weight limit increase. Sad days indeed. 

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Who says the bunny is imaginary? What made the gear on the bench roll to the edge and stop without falling? 

The invisible bunny rolled it and stopped it of course while being playful and curious.

Foxy can see invisible animals.

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