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Blue Screen every time I play

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Seemingly random BSOD's after 10-20 mins into the game.
What you expected to see No BSOD's
Conditions in which error reproduce

In any conditions for me. Things I've tried:

  • Tips from the topic: If you have problems with running the game or game crashing after Crossout 0.10.20 update
  • uninstall and clean install of Radeon drivers (last 3 driver releases)
  • disabling AMD AGS in launcher
  • lowest graphics settings, vsync on/off, fullscreen, windowed borderless, windowed
  • disabling Radeon Anti-Lag and Radeon Enhanced Sync
  • disabling Radeon overlay, Steam overlay, and closing all the other apps
  • clean reinstall of the latest .Net Framework 4.8
  • updating chipset drivers
  • installing game on either SSD or HDD
  • different pagefile sizes and locations
  • lower sound quality
  • latest Windows 7 build 6.1.7601
Problem details

This is the only game that I experience such a bug in, so I'd assume it's not due to faulty system/machine. I can get BSOD during any PvE battle, hangar tinkering, PvP battles, though it occurs more often durring former two, and usually immediately after a certain action: explosion, mob spawn, vehicle part placed in vehicle editor (the last part placed will not be saved after I log back). I've tried watching performance metrics (GPU temp, VRAM and RAM usage, etc. - but haven't noticed anything unusual).

I attach log files after playing different game modes with corresponding Windows minidumps inside each one. No logs in Exceptions folder are present for me.

Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug 23.05.2021, and for a few last days (game's installed recently)

Adventure 2021.05.23 12.06.04.zip Hangar 2021.05.23 12.32.39.zip PvP 2021.05.23 13.18.06.zip DxDiag.log

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couple more things I've tried
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Ok the solution turned out to be rather simple. I have to use 32bit version of the game (even though I run windows x64 and I have more than enough ram).

Problem solved.

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