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Looking for Clan members (PC)

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Clan Name: Do a Bump [KET] 

Hello, currently my clan consists of 3 members.  We are looking for like minded active players to join us. We have been playing the game for around a year and are only just starting to get into clan battles to progress our builds further etc. We would like to take part in both clan wars  and leviathan clan wars. As it stands we only have 1 viable leviathan between the 3 of us. We mainly use Legendary weapons with a few exceptions for epics. None of us currently own any Relics. 


 We dont expect much however we would prefer that you're well levelled in various factions and that your clan wars builds use purple tier weapons and above. That's about it really. 

with that being said feel free to add me on Steam/Crossout/Discord if you're interested.

Steam: jameowow
Discord: jameowow
Crossout: jameowow

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