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Update on the Past 4 Months of CO_Driver.


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Hey guys, I've pushed 44 updates to CO_Driver  since my last post and I figured I'd give an update here.


Revenue Screen

It's now possible to track your income in coins for every game mode thanks to data from Crossoutdb . Filter to see which specific builds are generating the most income or which power scores give the best revenue. Queue time is included in the calculation for each game mode as part of the coins/hour calculation.


State of Your Meta

Feedback based on the performance of your enemies, showing the meta you operate in. See what weapons are common and which are deadly.


Language Support

The following languages are now supported thanks to all the kind people who helped me translate CO_Driver and Crossout's many parts. Languages can be changed in the settings menu.

  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Polish
  • Korean 
  • Greek



Many beautiful color themes have been added for those who didn't enjoy the classic terminal look. 


Brawl Schedule

A up to date brawl schedule that adjusts for your current time zone.



Test Drive Tool Improvements

DPS, heatup time, reload time, cooldown time are all now accurately calculated in the test drive analysis screen.



Many Many other Changes and Fixes

  • Load times have been reduced from 4 minutes down to 3-5 seconds after a data storage rework.
  • Additional support for 12 game modes.
  • Individual matches can now be inspected by double clicking on the match in the match history screen.
  • Hundreds of bug fixes.


Thank you guys for being such an awesome community, I've had a ton of fun working on this.




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