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Map territories according to each faction

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The devs are very detailed with the locations and in a sense with the history of the game, so I find it entertaining to theorize that part of the game maps belongs to the territory in the game ... this came to me from a suggestion from a mechanism to know where we are on the crossout world map ... if you want to read it, it's here.

Now about each faction, and their territories, I make it clear that this map is outdated if you can get a more current version, I will thank you, but for now I will show the maps that appear in it and which faction they belong to and why.

1- Ship graveyard

"Once a flowing river flowed here, and the port received and sent hundreds of ships a day. After the disaster, a rather large group of survivors settled on a barge loaded with canned food anchored. They lived reclusive and successfully defended against all who tried to take away their provisions.

One night a strong wind arose, a terrible downpour began, and then a hail the size of a goose egg. A lone Lost man, covered from head to foot with tattoos, approached the barge and asked for shelter from the weather. The inhabitants of Barge were frightened and refused him. He asked for shelter again and again was refused. And for the third time, Lost appealed to their humanity, but silence was his answer.

And then the eyes under the deaf glasses of the uninvited guest flashed green lightning, the tattoos on his body glowed green and he plunged into the ground. The next day, the water level in the river began to fall, and soon only a stream remained from it.

Left without water, the barge fell to the bottom and quickly became the prey of the raiders. And the river has a new channel, ideally smooth semicircular canal, like a giant compass circled around the place where the last time they had seen the Lost. For many years, the area was empty, but over time became a haven for many survivors who are loyal to the Lost, and some even worship them."

Now we know something more about the scavengers ... in the last update it was learned that this was their base of operations.

Faction: Scavenger.

2-Power Plant

"The great cities had become mass graves and for many years people were afraid to return to the ruins, preferring to settle in more remote places, free from the past. But the desire to trade and enjoy the benefits of a lost civilization attracted lone survivors and then entire gangs to these terrifying places.

At one time, the power plant supplied cheap, if not very clean, electricity to a neighboring city, a chemical plant, and many small villages. After the disaster, it remained a source of light and heat for the inhabitants of the Valley, but in the form of coal. And when its supplies ran out, it became a stopping place for the brave survivors who went to the Necropolis.

Today, Central is a fairly large settlement, attracting treasure hunters, mercenaries, and other rabble. The buildings and workshops of the old power station are covered in dilapidated dwellings, built as far off the ground as possible. After all, the place is often attacked by muggers, and at night there is also something worse, so people rarely settle here for long. "

History tells us nothing, but recently in history, "Parabellum" tells us that steppe wolves tend to operate in the area and since they are affiliated with scavengers, it is clear that this is part of their territory.

Faction: Steppe Wolves?

3-Eastern Array

"Survivors! With you again Radio “Voice of the Wasteland”. Time for the latest news and hot contracts!

The territory where scavengers chase their armored cars for the last few months was in the hands of raiders. They say that this terrible gang came from the infected north. Not for the first time, nomads encroach on our territories. They whisper that in the north, in the ruins of a megalopolis, something so terrible was brought up that even Mad people are afraid to call in those places.

And now the fun part! Scavengers are ready to roll off a tidy sum to any mercenary who has ensured the safe passage of the armor. Just do not ask what they are transporting and why they do not change the route despite the danger. Still interesting? Then Bay Skara(skar ab) is waiting for mercenaries!"

It is more than clear that it belongs to the scavengers ... this excerpt from history is very interesting.

Faction: Scavengers.

4-Control station 17

During the disaster, the “Control-17” radio relay station was actively used by military units blocking the infected megalopolises. Now just memories of them remain. Since then, the Scavengers occupied this spot and joined it to their territories. It was only a matter of time because their trucks had been driving past the station on the Eastern Array route for a long time, returning with loot from the destroyed cities.

Recently, the Scavengers drove construction equipment to the station and cleared the area: moved the containers, and built two roads on the sides to make it easier to move around the territory. The weird part is that they left the old broken antennae completely intact. After all, the Scavengers usually find a way to use every existing rusty metal sheet.

After the improvements, many remained to live in the cleaned-up containers. But, as it usually happens with the Scavengers, it happened for a reason. Now they are looking after the state of the road, which regularly serves their own and other trucks.

Faction: Scavengers.

5-Dead highteway

Scavengers offer a new contract for escorting an armored car in the area of abandoned megalopolises of the North. The ones that were blocked by military units for a long time. For a long time, the convoys of the Bronefur passed through this route unobstructed near the destroyed high-speed highways of megalopolises. But now abandoned checkpoints of the military occupied groups of raiders. The gangs are well prepared. Use heavy equipment and stationary rocket launchers.

Recall that the giant conglomeration of mega-cities of the North, created shortly before the disaster, is still virtually inaccessible for survivors. We still do not know what happened there, in the central part of this gigantic industrial region. Only a few residents of the outskirts could escape, having had time to leave the dangerous area before all the roads turned into traps and endless traffic jams.

Apparently it's close to scavenger territory ... but it doesn't belong to you.

Faction: scavengers?

6-Lost coast.

The “Lost Coast” location was specially prepared for the “Abduction” raid. In the raid you have to find a valuable cargo and deliver it to the evacuation point. The path of the player’s team is blocked by AI turrets and armored vehicles.

Survivors! With you again Radio “Voice of the Wasteland”.

Six fishermen from the village of “Severobolotinsk” fell down in a writhing after trying to ride a three-meter viper. And our regular source from the bar “Shot Sleeve” reported that the other day a pair of Mad, descended from the mountains, washed a successful find. They said something about the long-lost cargo, which they found near a dry river.

I would not be surprised if this is the forecaster's lair, from where he and his fellow cannibals terrified the whole district. Do you remember how many convoys Scavengers have vanished in those parts, until his gang was destroyed? But most of the cargo was never discovered.

Several groups who wished to remain anonymous, told us that they were ready to buy out any container removed from these places. The main condition - the container must remain unopened! What is behind this strange requirement? Earlier, Wyliss and his Wanderers were also interested in similar cargo with similar conditions. What is in the container, Wiliss?

Wiliss may be the initial name for Ulyses, leader of the nomads ... but I'm not sure, however it is very likely that "nomads" inhabit here since it seems that their territories are in remote or abandoned lands, for some reason in particular that has nothing to do with assailants.

Faction: None.

7-Old town.

Once the square in front of the ruined Temple in Old Town center was the place of gathering survivors. In the first years after the catastrophe, they came here alone and with families. And sometimes as whole gangs. And no one touched each other, because right here, under the walls of the destroyed Temple, lived the Preacher in those years. 

He did not make loud speeches from the pulpit, but moved gently from one campfire to another, and for every traveler he had a kind word. And ashes became embers again, and life lit up again in the eyes of the people who heard him.

Nobody knows what became of the Preacher, but for several years now the Old Town square has been empty. The ruins of the Temple were covered with weeds, and the narrow streets of the town became the site of incessant battles of bandit clans and wasteland raiders.

I don't know about you ... but this seems like a nomad location ... the problem with this faction is that it is apparently very mysterious and they live in places where no one lives, so they don't have specific territories, they just frequent them ... old town being so distant and probably close to anomalies such as the grave (like "fortress") could be one of them.

Faccion: Nomads.


Already about seven years ago, the Valley became livable, but the people did not settle down close to the Burial ground. Not good there: headache, hard, I want to leave. And no one knows why this is, as they do not know why the Tombstone suddenly ceased to poison the earth around with its invisible poison.

So there was a fortress on the hill, forgotten by everyone until a couple of teenagers settled there, and it was normal for them. Apparently, radiation has a weaker effect on children. Or in a different way ... Having settled here, the brothers quickly made a gang of the same orphaned, reckless, and began to attack the neighboring villages and caravans. And they got farther and farther from the center of the Valley, and they saved up weapons and forces, and brought treasures to the fortress, where no one could get them. At first they got away with it, until the brothers arranged a real slaughter in a village near Centralla. As if the demon moved into them, no one was spared ...

And then the Mechanics could no longer stand, they concluded a truce with other gangs in order to punish the common enemy. The forecaster himself then led a squad of sixty cars. They could not come close, but the artillery worked so hard that only a few walls remained from the fortress. And all those who fled were caught and executed on the spot.

Only the brothers were never found, they are said to have retreated to the Cemetery.

Since then, attention has been paid to the fortress, everyone there is looking for treasures left over from the brothers. Especially in recent times, when it has ceased to stir up on the approaches to it. Only there is nothing there, apparently, the brothers took the treasure with them to the next world.

This is the cradle of the nomadic leader ulysses (yes, he had a brother) apparently nomads frequent this place, supposedly it has treasures and strange things ...

Faction: Nomads.

9-Terminal 45

You are listening to Radio 'Voice of the Wasteland'! I'm Ivy XO with the facts and up-to-date information! 

Two days ago, a herd of two-headed cows trampled on a family of nomadic cannibals during mealtime. The lunatic scouts found their way to 'Terminal-45'. Yes, it is the same terminal where the Ghost Ship was seen on Doomsday. Some think that this ship does not exist, but we are sure that it is a secret military project. And it seems that we are not the only ones who believe this.

The tramps in the face of the well-known Ulysses are very interested and are willing to reward the brave adventurers with copper for each container delivered from this place.

But stay tuned, an unknown group has built a real city in the terminal, and they don't seem to like visitors!

Faction: Nomads?


Immediately after the disaster, most major cities became completely unsuitable for life, but their ruins became one of the most important factors for survival of the new mankind. Only there you can still find something that helps a community or a whole faction to exist. But these resources are finite. And the more time passes, the more fierce the battles for the ruin approaches become.

Despite this, on the outskirts of cities you can still see traces of the government and the army's vain attempts to keep the situation under control in those most terrible days...

The checkpoint at the bridge is one of such monuments of the past time. And now it's impossible to know if the builders wanted to save the city from an invasion from the outside or to restrain whatever was breaking out.

It is interesting, considering that the bridge is the entrance to several of the territories of the steppe wolves and the scavengers ... it is clear that it is an entrance to other territories and in the past it was blocked to avoid the advance of the infection. ..or contain it, but could not ... curiously, on the other side are the territories of very wild factions.

Faction: In dispute.

11-Sector x

This unfinished zone on the city outskirts never aroused much interest among the raiders. Only the elect knew about the existence and the true purpose of the EX sector - to serve as a cover for the underground laboratory.

Before the crash, the builders managed to erect an underground bunker, but the building itself was not finished to distract eyes. For 20 years, nature has won back the construction site, and there is not much left of the once-sound structure. The test of time passed only security fortifications, which still serve as a serious obstacle to the EX sector. This fact itself, the name assigned to the place, and here and there the failed turrets suggest that the territory was once under the watchful eye of the military. Although the witnesses of those events are no longer to be found, and no one will undertake to assert this for sure. Corroded ruins to this day silently keep their secrets.

In one of the gatherings in the bar, someone lost information on the location of the EX sector in the cards. And the next night, armed groups encountered there, so that only one would get the secrets of the underground laboratory ...

2 theories ... belonging to the steppe wolves or perhaps to the sons of dawn ... perhaps they are still down there ...

Faction: (Dawn Childrens?) None.

12- The chemical plant

It provided work and housing for hundreds of people, shortly after the disaster it developed into an acid ulcer seeping from the valley's surface. But in abandoned buildings and in numerous underground vaults you can still find items that are so necessary for survival and commerce.

Not all the former workers died or fled, some brave souls stayed to live nearby, trying to adapt to the new world. Unable to stop the emissions of harmful substances, they decided to use them for survival, the production of fertilizers and weapons, and they succeeded. Soon the settlement grew and could thrive on acid processing and warehouse mining, were it not for the constant attacks from raiders.

Located far enough south of Mogilnik, away from its deadly radiation, the chemical plant has always attracted marauders who hoped to find explosives or other deadly substances there.

Now the territory of the plant has become a place of constant fighting. Narrow passages between hills can become a trap for a lone raider, and once on the shore of a deadly acid lake, the player risks falling into the epicenter of battle. And even if you manage to make it out alive, you shouldn't relax for a minute so as not to become a victim of snipers hiding in the hills and looking for surviving armored vehicles.

Here we end ... I will edit it and continue with other factions ... it was nice to review the lore ... if I had a more updated map it would be something more complete this analysis, this map looks like before the beta ... but it works Of something.

FACTION: none ... I guess.

I'll edit this thread later, with the other factions and , if anyone is interested, it was nice to go over the lore of the game.


Dark green: Steppen wolfs.

Bluish green: Nomads.

Blue:Dawn childrens

Black and white: In dispute or belongs to more than one faction ... although if all the territories are in dispute, it depends on how the story goes by the devs.






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Very good.

although I should mention that I’m not really sure if nomads have a “defined” territory, since true to their name, they never really stay in one spot for long.(the travelling city is one example, till it was blown to smithereens by the ravergers)


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Yep, only I don't see Nomads as with a fixed base or owned territory as much.... You know, it's in their name.

However, I like the idea very much and would like to see a territory that a group might own actually have their insignia or other markings. 

Maybe even getting a small 5% rep boost if your current faction you are in happens to own the territory you got into in a match.

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Considering raids have circling factions and players can change alliances at will, I would imagine that the ingame factions are constantly fighting over each other's territory and resources, winning and losing space as the time goes by.

OH! OH! What would be a nice new raid idea for this game @Woodyrojo @Quaero_et_tego @Ka1deron?


You guys talked about complex raids earning Uranium once, supposely an ultra-hard mode raid.

How about a raid where you have to invade a certain faction's main base, steal something from them and get out while being contantly bombarded by that faction's defenses?

It would be a great way to show off how each main base of its respective faction looks out, could be a good way to shove in some game lore AND awe players with how each faction works and take care of their permanent lair.

How's that?

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