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Upgrading weapons doesn't get what it supposed to

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I've upgraded for the seconde time my assembler to change one stat and it doesn't get me what it was supposed to.

I started with one assembler with Projectile charge time -13% + one standard assembler and I've pinned Reliability to keep it.

Since I had Power in Projectile charge time -13%, fusion should get me Damage +5% next time as there is not a third option.

The game even says : If the part has been upgraded before, a different set of modifiers will be offered and Unpinned parameters will be replaced by a random ones from the groups, group in which only damage +5% was showing to confirm it, but I didn't get and Projectile charge time -13% was still present.

Am I understanding it right and if so, can I get was the game was telling me I would get?

I got the upgrading process in video if needed.





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