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[Developer blog] Season 6 in Crossout. Part 1


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On 9/7/2021 at 7:28 AM, Petr0_Sanchez said:

Fix  wedges ... only that lack.

Devs are unable to do real changes.

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I think founders, syndicate and Guiding star should be All have 15 levels of collectable parts + Prestige Prestige parts. 

All uncategorized weapon are more or less Single shot weapons, would be a New catagory. 


I miss tank parts, Like from Tank brawls. 

I miss more artillery 


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On 9/2/2021 at 3:00 AM, Woodyrojo said:

Parts production mechanics

Let’s start with the mechanics which were already partially presented in the “Guiding star” season. As you remember, all parts of legendary rarity can be produced only during the season, and once the season is over, their production becomes unavailable. The ability to craft these parts, one way or another, will return in future in-game events.

So, what will change in the new season?

  • During the season, all new parts (including their fused versions) can be crafted in unlimited quantities (permanent recipes will be available).
  • As new levels of the season are gained, all players will discover and receive additional one-time recipes for the production of new parts. During the season, you can get several one-time recipes for each new part at once.
  • Once the season is over, permanent recipes will become unavailable, but you will still have one-time recipes.
  • Even if you didn’t have enough time (or didn’t have the opportunity) to craft a certain part during the season, you will be able to craft it thanks to one-time recipes.
  • In addition to one-time recipes for new parts, you can also unlock one-time recipes to craft the old parts of the Founders.

Comment: After the end of the season, new parts cannot be crafted in unlimited quantities, and this will increase their value and rarity. You will be able to track the moment when the price and demand for this part in the market will be high, craft it using a one-time recipe and sell it at a price as profitable as possible for yourself. Or you can craft this part to use it on your armoured car at any time — it’s always up to you.

Pretty sure specifically requested the exact opposite of this...

Sorry.  Not going to buy your new Crossclowns currency.

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