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[Developer blog] Season 6 in Crossout. Part 2


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8 hours ago, Clebardman said:

I like that way of thinking! Maybe they could add a shotgun catapult too so we can go shotgun medieval on enemies.

They’re called Retchers.  

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On 9/9/2021 at 9:10 AM, AzraelsGrace said:

Why do you hate crickets so much? They have been around so long yet all these newer weapons are getting legendary versions. If you arent gonna make a legendary cricket then buff the cricket until you do please

Ahh finally some appreciation for a harder to use epic weapon that costs almost as little as a special part, and now has a reload AND fire speed measured in calendar days, can only really be used effectively on hovers, and has the HP of tissue box. 

Seriously though, a legendary unguided missile launcher would be amazing. 

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Camera movement is total confusing When you Lose your weapons

In cw you cannot assist with blocking or ramming people, with this many camera issues

Could you please fix this? 

Edited by Darth Kenjie@live
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