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How about special challenge when you buy a pack part?


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Dear developers Title,

I like the game, yet it's getting a little old, I have to admit - - - lasts events were a big success imho - - - I like this kind of challenge with predefined parameters they feel really refreshing... 

But how about an special Challenge when we buy a pack, in example... 

Get the MVP 10 times with the cabin Deadman, the event will reward you with an special decor (or similar) 

The event will be trigger when we adquiere (from a pack or from the market) the cabin (in this example) for like 1 month, 

This will also encourage people to try harder different vehicles/parts, you know to see more variations in the Battle field instead of just edges and sideways hovers...

Personal challenge will be nice to spice up things in the game IMHO, 

Best regards 

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