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Unsystematic outcomes of interaction of armor-piercing projectiles with Aegis-Prime and other protective shields

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw

The logic behind the operation of shields in the game appears to be broken. As it is known, shields act as a barrier, which can be penetrated by weapons like Scorpion, but cannot be penetrated by non-armor piercing projectiles. Also, anything fired inside the shield radius is able to deliver damage to the target since only the outer layer of shields stops projectiles from passing through.

However, when it comes to interaction of Executioner 88mm or Prosecutor 76mm with the shields, their projectiles are able to penetrate through the shield and deliver damage to anything within 66cm or 2 pins, but the explosion of cannon shells itself does not occur afterwards, it just vanishes, even though it is stated that armor-piercing projectiles explode after penetrating the distance of 2 pins.

What you expected to see

If shields act only as a barrier and nothing is destroyed inside the "bubble", then the shells of Executioner 88mm and Prosecutor 76mm are supposed to be able to explode after penetrating through shields.

If the outcome of shooting these weapons wasn't properly thought through from the beginning or they were not planned to penetrate the shields, then they shouldn't be able to penetrate them at all, or a system with different levels of shield hardness should be introduced to the game.

Conditions in which error reproduce When firing Executioner 88mm or Prosecutor 76mm at the shields produced by Aegis-Prime, Barrier IX and Nova.
Problem details -
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug -

Lastly, the description of Aegis-Prime needs a fix, as it states that the shield absorbs all damage from fast-moving projectiles and energy streams, but it clearly doesn't absorb all damage when shot by armor-piercing projectiles.

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Nova just needs to go it's the only thing anyone is using anymore.n  Ruined cannon gameplay and chased off players poor decision for a cabin.

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