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[UPL8] (Insomniax) Redefining Clan Membership


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Greetings XBOX Wastelanders.

Have you had frustrating experiences with your present or past toxic clan(s)? Seems like regardless of which clan you join, the toxicity eventually oozes its way in.

My name is RellikXI5. I feel qualified with over 2 years of clan experience (including a Diamond League clan) in proposing a solution to this and would like to offer others to join Insomniax [UPL8}.In my view, the common thread in most toxic clan atmospheres is that some members feel superior to others. I believe this has a lot to do with the "Officers" factor in Crossout clans.

In UPL8, every member will be voted in (or out). After 2 weeks of membership, this new member becomes an officer. All members will be officers. The overarching idea is that by making everyone an officer, it essentially removes any importance or responsibility of this "title". Our new members are as important as anyone else. Seniority means nothing.

Some might point out that "anyone could kick someone out". While that is true, if anyone were to kick a member without a vote, the member who violated the democratic process would be removed permanently, and that reputation will follow them. The worst that could happen is a player who got improperly kicked would wait for 72 hours to come back. Insomniax won't lose any sleep over that. It should also be mentioned that as long as we are winning ore in Bronze matches or better, our "rank" doesn't matter.

We are not accepting applications from players who don't come play with our group first. Feel free to add me as a friend and join a party. 

All the best,


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