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Partial wedges fix, Every shotgun in this game should work as Arothron


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6 hours ago, TommyGoldfish said:

Just give crushing damage to the car jack. It clearly uses somekind of pressure air tank or small directed explosion to flip the car. Also then it would be worth that 1 energy sometimes.

You should be able to use it whenever with a 30 second cooldown to make the car jump and at the same time do 25% of the weight of the car as explosive damage to anyone stupid enough to drive under you.

Interesting.... :good:

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17 hours ago, MrSplatter said:

What I hate about those frontal facing weapons, like defenders, is that they have small bits sticking out on the back side. Making it impossible to put anything right behind them, or attach their back to a flat front surface of a cabin. These weapons are supposed to be FRONTAL weapons and should have flat attachable surface on their back. Instead, defenders need to stand on top of something like any other gun.
The exception is the perfectly shaped Tackler....  Honestly, all frontal weapons should have such a well fitting model.

For a crafting game, a lot of things don't fit as they should.

Actually you can on the sides, i had a small metal box attached directly to the cabin... but yeah, all of them have bits and bobs that prevent them to be one universal size.

About Tacklers i don't know but i do know about Ruptures and if we go by what Clebardman pointed out, i say.

Ruptures can be buried deep in armour with very little exposure if you mount them vertically, but this way, they are like Gremlins or Goblins but with much bigger leeway at the sides, leaving you with narrowed angles  compared with weapons of the same type mounted horizontally.

If you want to mount protectors, vindicators, leeches you'll have to change your build and this is particularly frustrating if you are building a modular build or building with modular concept in mind.

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On 10/17/2021 at 3:11 AM, Clebardman said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought Ruptures and Tacklers had the same hitbox. Can't you just put Tacklers in place of your Ruptures to switch from SGs to MGs?

Now, i will correct this.

While they have the same hitbox... i guess. (at least they have the same size and roughly the same shape), they do not have the same barrel positioning, tacklers have the barrels mounted a bit lower than the ones on ruptures, so, they don't fit.

MGs 1, SGs 2

And to add insult to injury, Tacklers are heavier than Ruptures and i'm so close to the mass limit that mounting two tacklers put me above 12 tons which it's what my maxed out FAV cabin can take it.


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