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"Pure Lunacy" Pack only gives one of each sticker


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I'm playing on PS5 and despite this pack saying "(2 Pcs.)" beside each sticker name it only gives you one of each. The most frustrating thing is when you go to support for Crossout there is only frequently asked questions, no one to contact or even a robot chat. I understand there are bugs and issues with games, but besides this forum there's no bridge between retailer and customer. If anyone can help with this or knows how to contact Gaijin would be greatly appreciated.

Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Pure Lunacy Pack bought with Crosscrowns on PS5 gave me one of each sticker
What you expected to see I expected to see 2 of each sticker because it says (2 Pcs.) beside each sticker title
Conditions in which error reproduce I decided not to waste anymore Crosscrowns because I don't know if it will work
Problem details This Pure Lunacy Pack advertises 2 of each sticker and gives you one of each sticker.
Frequency of reproduction once
Time of bug  


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Hello, @SEMIGLOSS_Luke@psn!

Thank you for the information provided. We've checked it out and added missing stickers to your account. Please, check out your storage to find them :)

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