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Intermittent but fairly regular crashes

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw

Please refer to https://support.gaijin.net/hc/requests/1245308 for more details for this ongoing issue.

Essentially, the game has intermittent but quite regular crashes.  Sometimes it's within a couple minutes of being in the garage and sometimes I cannot even get into the garage. Sometimes I can play for days with no issues and suddenly the crashes start with no reason...no updates, no game patches, etc. Sometimes deleting the Crossout documents folder works, sometimes not. Sometimes deleting the game and reinstalling works, sometimes not.

This is a new Win 10 install with only my Lian Li fan SW and Steel Series headset drivers running. I have done a clean boot and added them both back in with no change to the situation.

I see these kind of warnings & errors in the logs often: 

06:54:17.515 WARNING| frame 2561: 120 ms spike
06:55:23.036 ERROR| EasyAntiCheatClient: violation cause data\assets_props_trees_test.grp, message Unknown file version (data\assets_props_trees_test.grp)
06:55:23.112 | Crashed thread ID: 4452
06:55:23.112 | Thread ID 4452 critical IO scope: 1
06:55:23.112 | Thread ID 9788 critical IO scope: 1
06:55:23.112 | Thread ID 9772 critical IO scope: 1
06:55:23.112 FATAL| Critical IO Crash.

Another example:

12:41:21.165 WARNING| Failed to read file for loading gamepad bindings.
12:41:21.199 | ====== starting level 2: 'levels/maps/hangar' single ZOMBIE_ESCAPE,env=938047 ======
12:41:21.199 | {
12:41:21.199 | "is_hangar": 1
12:41:21.199 | }
12:41:22.206 | ====== level started: 'levels/maps/hangar' success ======
12:41:25.728 ERROR| EasyAntiCheatClient: violation cause data\sound\sound_soundscape2.assets.bank, message Unknown file version (data\sound\sound_soundscape2.assets.bank)
12:41:25.825 | Crashed thread ID: 1480
12:41:25.825 | Thread ID 1480 critical IO scope: 1
12:41:25.825 | Thread ID 2828 critical IO scope: 1
12:41:25.825 | Thread ID 9888 critical IO scope: 1
12:41:25.825 FATAL| Critical IO Crash.

I see this kind of thing in every log just before the crash and it says what the violation is. How do we fix this?


What you expected to see Playing the game without crashing.
Conditions in which error reproduce Logging into the game.
Problem details Screen shots are available via my customer support ticket. https://support.gaijin.net/hc/requests/1245308
Frequency of reproduction frequent
Time of bug  


combat.log game.log gfx.log net.log DxDiag.zip

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Played today, no issues.  Logged game.logback in just now and a crash.  Game log attached.  Bad lag spikes last couple nights and today too.  Not just me either...other players in game were complaining about it.

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Previously, I reinstalled Windows 10, changed the battery on my motherboard, reset the bios settings, turned off the TMS function on the motherboard and played since 12/23 with no issues.  Today, the crashes started again. FW & Antivirus is off.  I can log in and, after about 2 minutes, the game crashes.  Tried it 3 or 4 times.  Repaired, deleted the Crossout documents folder all to no avail.  Cannot play.


14:55:27.330  WARNING| frame 5073: 112 ms spike
14:56:11.881    ERROR| EasyAntiCheatClient: violation cause data\mapskit_textures_buildings_walls.grp, message Unknown file version (data\mapskit_textures_buildings_walls.grp)
14:56:11.984         | Crashed thread ID: 3244
14:56:11.984         | Thread ID 3244 critical IO scope: 1
14:56:11.984         | Thread ID 2012 critical IO scope: 1
14:56:11.984         | Thread ID 11076 critical IO scope: 1
14:56:11.984    FATAL| Critical IO Crash.


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Bkoken file detected: 


Try to full reinstall the game from official site

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Thank you.  I reinstalled and have been able to play without crashes so far.

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