3000 damage done

i said that in old forum…
i been told you don’t get points unless what your shooting at dies,which is very unfair,u need that assist or kill…

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This is true, you could remove all the armor of every person on the other team and if they don’t die, you don’t get anything.

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You get the vast majority of points for part destruction, kills are a small portion of the awarded points. Only if you exclusively do cabin damage or never are counted as killing any parts are you not given points when no kills or assists happen.


I think you are right SIGMA920,
all that damage was vs giant tank tracks wich didnt break.

i’m sure you shot at more than one tank track the whole game lol
you must of hit some parts on other vehicles,unless your that dedicated on that 1 track lol.

Actually it was 3 tank tracks of 3 different bots, none of them were destroyed, hence the low score.
I already knew points are made for parts destroyed, its funny to see big name frequent posters here giving silly explanations.

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but you would have gotten the points if that vehicle you shot died,maybe not by you but your teammate could kill it,thats when you get an assist…
sorry i was gonna edit my remark but i had to get a beer lol.

every 2 days i make shitposts here while shitfaced, remember that before walking into the trap :wink:

it’s actually a good topic…players need to know why this happens and how to get more points…
like i said…i didn’t know until i posted it in the old forum and someone told me…cheers!

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And thats kids, why you always try to steal-kill from burning enemies

Good to see you are not easily deterred,
Yes people need to know alot more, not with crossout alone but in real life also, like the nonexistance of virusses.
try convincing that to the masses who live by the tv.

The game won’t award you for chasing down bots and shooting at (hopefully not meleeing) their durable tracks, instead of going for bot/player weapons and player wheels, and targeting things you can efficiently dispatch :slight_smile:

But yes, I agree that the game really should take the amount of damage done into consideration for the score.

Yeah, you’re supposed to follow through… :wink:

I see you like melee. Maybe try changing something up or work on your tactics.

I hate to say this, but SIGMA is right. If you start shooting tracks, you better make sure they go down.

You can set up a custom game with a friend and see which parts add up points quickly or if the yellow dots add up more

7 boosters and 1 measly missile launcher, what kind of crazy person are you?

You have to destroy parts to get points. This is why builds that pop generators tend to be the best for farming mvp.

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One that uses a single missile to delete a dual-Scorpion hovercraft at 12K PS before it can do any damage to my team (that threshold is around 25 seconds into a battle). :sunglasses:

(In this example, the times are: two in 23 seconds, then 14 sec., 13 sec. and 12 sec.)

When the Cockpit’s damage bonus from a Hermes was 11%, there was, incidentally, a neat synergy between the amount of Hermeses I needed to move around and to pack a nice punch in that little package. It turned out that around 1242 kg per Hermes is just the maximum weight limit for smooth boosted accelleration. Upgrading a Hermes for +10% accelleration increases that lmit to 1366 kg, which allowed me to increase my HP from 900+ to 1445 in the latest iteration of the car.
Near the end of “The Road to Valhalla”, there are a few clips with Firewhip Heavy, an experimental variant, in which every Hermes had to push 1400+ kg. That reduced boosted accelleration by 33%, which in practice turned out to be too slow, as the car was noticeably sluggish.

The developers don’t know these things about their own game, and in their ignorance reduced the synergy between the Cockpit and the Hermes to 4, and recently to 3 boosters, as only that many are needed to activate the cabin’s full damage bonus. But because most cars with 16 energy weigh in excess of 7500 kg, these changes resulted in each Hermes having to push 1875+ kg, and now even more, if a player opts to use just 3. Players seem to be fine with such slow boosted accelleration, and they even use Kermits with the Cockpit, while the Buggies are the only wheels that should be used, since they exponentially reduce the time and distance needed to activate the perk (at 45 km/h), which is critical in battles.
Another side-effect of the developers’ shortsighted decisions was making the Cockpit more sealclubbing-friendly by some percentage. Compare:

a) +11% per Hermes with bonus limits of +140% (originally) and 105% (after a nerf in late 2020, IIRC): 11 x 4 = +44%;
b) +12% per Hermes after a nerf in 2021, which lowered the limit to +50%: 12 x 4 = +48%;
c) +15% per Hermes after a recent nerf, which lowered the limit to +40%: 3 x 15% = +40%.

Although the maximum bonus is now smaller, potential sealclubbers have an extra energy point at their disposal.

I preferred being able to use all 7 Hermeses for the damage bonus; each of them fully synergized with the cabin, and thus had a fuller purpose. I still have to use 7 for optimal acceleration and unparalelled manoeuvrability on the battlefield. Although the changes to the Cockpit’s perk have resulted in the car now having 4 spare Hermeses :slightly_smiling_face:. (When the perk’s bonus limit was higher, I couldn’t use more than 7 because I needed a full suite of auxiliary modules, and having, e.g., 10 or 11 didn’t produce enough extra damage in practice to be worth sacrificing those other capabilities. The car in the third clip has 10 Hermeses, but it was just a brief test; it can fly, which is also shown, but it couldn’t sneak, etc.)

For more examples of unique action from Crossout’s most decorated Clarinet pilot, see the following thread:

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These bruhs are strafing their butts straight into your missiles while they have nothing else to pay attention to, WTF!? One of them even cloaked and didn’t move an inch while your missile was making a beeline for him.

No offense, I saw you play that build and you play it well, but that looks more like PvP randoms having no clue how to build and play than TOW being a great weapon…

is 3k a lot now?