About radars ( require some assistance, pls)

I have a new build that’s in the final stages of development, Instead of a 6 gremlins setup, i will try a 5 gremlins setup (it’s what i use since a year ago.)
Now, all i need it’s the cabin and fix the oversteer.
Ok, i decided i want a better engine (already mounted) and a better radar.
I want one of those that decloak the adversary.
I have a Maxwell, it looks nice but are there better ones?
It seems to me that there are small nuances between them
and what the hell is Recon data transfer zone radius?
Can you help me?

you want either verifier or oculus. both can only be mounted horizontally.

None of the other options are for stealth. Maxwell and Doppler can see behind walls.

The verifier shows them on the mini map, you can decloak for the team by button press.

The oculus will turn (assuming you built room) and point toward the stealth and beep, with the beep getting louder and faster the closer they come.

The thing you shoot at them to keep them from stealthing sucks in it’s current state. (would be good if the dart was active 30 seconds - 1 minute though)


Active transmition of location of yourself, ally units, and enemy units in a radius around yourself to Allies without a radio.


Recon data transfer is fancypants talk for radio range. The range at which allies can see your radar info.

Oculus won’t decloak on its own, but you’ll get a marker on the minimpa showing where there’s a cloaked enemy, AND it points at the enemy and blinks furiously (you kinda want it visible and vertical for that, probably behind your build so it’s safe)

Verifier only does the minimap thing, BUT it’s the one which decloaks.

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I wish more people actually realized which ones did what because it’s a pain in raids without them.

I gave you info on the Doppler and the Verifier, and on upgrading them, on 2022.04.22, so almost a year ago.

You still don’t have them unlocked. I started playing Crossout on 2017.06.07, and sometime in November 2017 upgraded it for more range in cover, and there were no discount events back then.

Your command of English should be enough understand what it means. Now, by all means, proceed to defend your mistake of creating this redundant thread.

This is a good thread, because at least some lurkers are new players looking for info. A thread specifically about it is a good resource, and can be searched for easily in the future.

On that note, always hide a radio deep under your build. Can make a huge difference at the end of close matches, when most people have had their radars blown off, and there’s only a couple players on each team. Will also help ensure that bots come to your aid when you get ambushed.

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This is the first 2x2x1 piece i use in any build.

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Thank you all for the help.
Your input cut down my choices to two.


I always have a fused Maxwell with extended range. It is much smaller and lighter which can be hidden too. It does help team work for PvP and PvE.

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I also use maxwell a lot. It’s the easiest one to hide under your build, so it tends to stay on the longest.
Lately I’ve been using verifier more in higher PS, also because it’s easy to fit in a smaller build.

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