Catering to the Majority

Have you ever wondered why the Crossout Developers have kept certain weapon types stronger than others during the last 8 years?.
Perhaps it is because they want to hook players from other shooter games to their game, by making similar weapons more advantageous.

With so many players in other games spraying many bullets per second from their guns.
Its starting to look like a marketing strategy to have those type of weapons outperform many other weapons, like giant cannon shells or 10 explosive missile volleys in your face.

Now i can understand a company wanting to make money of their game, but i dont think its right to cater to the majority of players in expense of realism and common sense.


Do you want the game to grow in playerbase or not?

I don’t like empty bg’s.

All business’ cater to the masses. Or want to. That is where the payday is.

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So you prefer imbalanced gameplay for the sake of playerbase?.

Targem’s strategy might have worked in the past, but it looks like people are tired of the stagnant gameplay.


Its because the game is old and they don’t help the noobs so much knowing really good build technics.
Trust me many noobs try the game and get ran off by try hard die hards. When Crossout was born it wasnt so bad it was just random chaos more so. Now people know how to build and how to make the most horrible builds ever with all the new stuff crossout has in it.

Also since when did raids and adventure mode get any love what so ever.
or how they never changed the way bots navigate / target or added commands you can give to bots.

Also why does all the maps have to feel so bland in the apocalypse… Give me waterfalls give me jungles give me massive cave complexes to drive threw.

There in the same sandy muddy rut and instead of climbing out of it and seeing the rest of the world.

And about the player amount we all feel it xbox been hit hard. Like I been grinding out this season battling bots pretty much.

The helicopter and how they split there players up was such a dumb move. Now you either play ground base or flyers’s in 2 different lobbies. Why! the player base was already falling why did you add heli’s now that was the wrong move maybe at the start of crossouts life but not freaking 6 + later and split the matchmaking in half with 2 different choices.

Pretty sure Gaijin is just trying to squeeze money out at this point and already know Crossout is dead. They just want to get that last bit of money out of it. If crossout is around to see the life of the Next Xbox it will be impressive.


If I ran the company I would have made crossout then if I knew it was coming out on multiple consoles at that point i would have start planning how to get crossplay working with everyone, Because knowing I am not a triple A company and I want to keep my player base strong.

That be a good first step after getting the game stable and balanced decently.

Then talk with my team are we ever going to plan to embrace flying type vehicles / water based vehicles. If so by next year lets get them in and going.

Also at launch to make sure players are not split up. Keep your normal PVP and Bot battles with the raids and scrap adventure mode for now. Keep that going strong. Also if there powerscore caps in the game post it so people know how to build there builds.

And have one random event every week. That players can branch out to play differnet things, Racing one week, Battle Royal one week, 16 player coop raid and so on.

  • Next year have done 4 new maps. 4 new raid maps that cycle now. And if flying is in game then come up with some raids that players must use flyers that is in the cycle.
    *Also smart choice when adding the flying vehicles. Do not use the same garage slots as the ground vehicles and when i upgrade vehicle slots it give me one ground vehicle slot and one flyer slot.
    If Leviathans is in the game make some modes people can actually play with them.
    and before that year is over get clans into the game for the competitive players.

Then year 3 have in game video tutorials on the building and how to use each of the parts and showing info for the parts like the features that it lets damage pass through or it resistance to some type of damage. Really good video’s to watch in game.

Also year 3 come out 4 new maps 4 more raids. and at this year I want to have accomplished adding 20 new weapons / cabs / hardware / movement to the game.

IDK though just seem like they just have a basket full of idea’s and they once a year reach in and grab one or 2 idea’s and do it then. Instead of planning.

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While i agree with your conclusion.

I think you are assuming too many things to get to that conclusion.
This game should be all about shells and bullets.
If it was up to me there wasn’t any more energy weapons.

Even in Battlestar Galactica, they slug it out with nothing more than nukes, bullets and shells.

Star trek and Star War crap, do the favour of teleporting out of Crossout.

Yes. Sign me up for an empty multi player pvp game. /sarcasm

Your reasoning is stupid. Really stupid.


Further, just how long do you think this game will be online with zero players? This isn’t a single player PVE game.

Every business caters to the largest section of customers it can. That is the point of being in business, profit. It’s not like your idea is rocket science, business’ have catered to the masses for all of written history.

No baker bakes a single loaf of bread and expects to pay the bills.

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You are wrong.

There is no weapon that always shined.
But some weapons just didn’t turned to trash and were always playable.

It’s not enough just to shoot well in xo.
In xo to be effective you:

  1. Choose weapon.
  2. Make your vehicle.
  3. Use right tactic
  4. Apply your aiming skills.
    So aiming is only 4th thing in this hierarchy.
    If you choose wrong weapon, tactic, build, your aiming efforts will have minimum output.
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Every player has their own certain niche play style with a certain weapon classification … Some play well one type while others don’t. If you remove choices to the game I certainly believe the player base would plummet.

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yes, i agree, if theres any weapon which has always been stupid its obviously the porcupine, the ultimate out for any pleb with a wallet.

or, get the latest fomo crap and download the most liked build. and since its the the latest fomo crap itll be easy to play, not much skill required so everybody gets to pay and play.

yeah i do believe that many players stop playing this game because even though theres a gazillion parts only a very selected few are playable at any given moment in terms of actual viability. and when those parts get replaced by other op parts it feels obviously forced and with an eye on making a quick buck.

Keep playing and eventually you’ll get to that point.

The more experienced you get in a certain game the better your reasoning will be about it, i dont know how far along you are but i consider myself pretty experienced.

From the caps i can assume you really like the idea, good thing you were born in the age of internet multiplayer games.

There are actually many players in crossout playing the PVE modes, i can tell by how fast my fuel sells on the maket that i earned in PVP modes.

You are right that everyone wants to make money, but there is a difference in what a company thinks their customers want and what their customers actually prefer.
There are many failed million dollar super high graphics triple AAA Games that nobody liked, and there are many 1 dollar single developer games that people cant stop playing and go crazy about.

The Baker should make more then, because many people eat bread even tho its very unhealthy.

PS: i dont usually deconstruct posts but patentspending you seem to be very angry at me.

These are some excellent words Ultralocust,
Many people use the most damaging builds and weapons, but not many know how to play with a strategy.

I wished I had 10 C coins in game for every time a side challenge since 2017 I didn’t care for came up. Not trying to be toxic, just factual.

Yes, it always been sort of good at what it does. But anyone can just destroy it from range if they keep distance.

Yes but point was about people from shooter games.
If they skip first two points(choosing weapons and build) they still need tactic and on different PS long range shooter sort of weapons aren’t always meta. Even more, devs made specific tools like king minelayer and yaoguai drones which were very OP for some time and dominated over shooter weapons.

I’d say it’s not just strategy. It’s sub-skills+strategy.

  • Driving vehicle - which requires some concentration.
  • Watching over minimap - giving it a glance ever few secs, even pro-gamers often struggle to do that properly in games.
  • Watching battlefield, situational awareness. I found using precise weapons make you focus on certain part/craft you try to aim at while you notice less what’s going on around.

Strategy requires you to read battlefield, and then there are few roles depending on weapons, some weapons allow you to play few roles and even switch them during the battle.

  • Ambush - for melee/close range weapons. (Obviously any craft just dies when facing multiple enemies alone.) So you either find isolated target, or make sure there are allies also attacking with you. That also require to see few seconds ahead, because some targets seem isolated and valid target, but your weapons might require time to kill, and while you engaged more enemies arrives and you might end up being massacred without even making that one kill. So you need to see if allies near that isolated target are occupied, because you yourself become an isolated target which everyone rightfully prioritizes over many other things.
  • Support. The best role I think. For mid and long-range weapons. You stay where most allies are, always in motion, and in center of the herd, helping and getting help. Move to cover to break line of sight when attacked, then re-engage when enemy switched to attack some1 else. Ideally if few allies are doing the same you might find your enemy can’t deal much damage on anyone at all. Requires fast build with good firing angles. I found rapid-fire MGs are best at this, but with shotguns(and even sometimes rapid-fire MGs) you might find teams fight with some space between them, so you can’t spray damage and ride around uselessly while your team dies one-by-one forcing you to go break from team to go ambush something.
  • Sniper. Hard to do when moving around, so they stand behind the “herd”(where most allies are), or even stand alone on good sniper spots. Very vulnerable to ambushes. Aiming long range weapons takes huge if not all of their concentration, and their weapons inferior in close combat, so they also need to pay lot of attention to minimap and surroundings to start moving in time.

There also few additional roles for drones, artillery and some other exotic weapons, but most weapons fall into first 3 categories.
Examples of switching roles during battle:
Rapid-fire MGs are excellent as support weapon, and allow to ambush snipers and such. Snipers may try to keep closer with allies and be sort of support too. You might even ambush other sniper with sniper weapons sometimes and so on.

So yeah, talking about bringing shooter players, it’s not like they can just come to xo and play cs:go

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Its a vehicle game and trying to shoehorn FPS controls into it has been a disaster. Everybody wanted crazy car chaos but instead we got an FPS where character models are hovers or gerridas with inertia tuned way up, or you just got the old cancerous knifers from CoD running around except they have cloaks.

An apt description fluffy. Now that i know the fin whale is an omamori for speed demons, i think im gonna go back to maining wheeled builds. Fused athenas on omamori doing 110 equals 2k effective durability because the perks arent percentages of percentages like the averter bastion. Its 50% reduction taking half damage(omamori) efectively giving you quadruple durability for your guns.

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You are generalizing my comment when my comment is specific to this multi player game. The game is advertised as multi-player… I am not wrong to expect multiplayer when I play it.

This does not preclude anyone from enjoying PVE. However, the game is not advertised as such. The modes just happen to be included to cater to the masses.

Where did I say no one plays PVE modes? Your own thoughts put those words there, not me.

(What are your Stats? - #13 by PatentsPending)

Your experience does not weigh on the scale any more than any other persons. Just like your money spent doesn’t mean more than someone else’s money spent.
Further, you cannot even talk about CW (pvp) from experience. You have ZERO cw battles.

Your idea itself is ass backwards to basic business principles.

What does this have to do with anything I posted? It’s superfluous and not pertinent.