Change the name to 'hover wars'

change the name to ‘hover wars’ because that’s exactly what it is…


The Clarinet just needs the 2 more seconds of flight time it had from Hans, in order to be able to reach hover snipers. Maybe it’ll get them back one day, e.g., by extending the base flight time. At just 8 seconds, the weapon isn’t fully effective at high PS. Enjoy. :wink:

I wouldn’t mind the 20 seconds it had in the brawl event, with the nonsense tanks. Here is what the brawl could’ve been like if it’d been made by someone who cared about the weapon.

And here’s the latest in anti-hover.
Battlemage 2023.02.10 001
I’ve yet to upload some battle footage. For now, I’m learning this car, as I’m new to the omni. I’m also getting familiar with the Corsair Scimitar that I bought specifically for strifing with this car. (Though the thumb buttons on the Corsair M65 will do, or any mouse with two conveniently placed thumb buttons.)
The base 8 seconds of Clarinet missile flight time don’t provide for a safe distance to advancing enemies, so I can’t use the boosted car anymore (I have to run too much, which reduces my damage output and uses up too much booster fuel). Too bad, because it was the most fun I’ve had in Crossout. So I welcome this update, that enabled me to combine a Barrier car with a Clarinet car. The Battlemage is primarily for Barrier support, with an additional capability of one-shotting pristine hovercrafts. A basic Clarinet car, i.e., one equipped with a Clarinet and 2 Fuze drones, should drive up to the front line as close as possible, in order to intercept and potentially blow up hovercrafts in the first 25 sec. of the battle, i.e., before they can do any damage to my teammates. However, the best tactic with this Barrier car is to follow the team, prioritizing:

  1. the strongest long-range vehicles, driven by the most competent players - if we know them,
  2. the larger group,
  3. the slowest vehicles, because they’ll need protection.

So it’s not the same as a fully offensive Clarinet car, but it’s effective enough.

The latest update reduced the Barrier IX’s activation delay, extending the base duration to 9 seconds. The duration upgrade extends that to 11 seconds. It goes nicely with the Clarinet, as I have just enough time to reach any target while the force field is up. But the upgraded Barrier IX in the current season is even better for vehicles that use most other weapons, as you’ll need only 3 of those. Which leaves 2 energy points for a Trombong or other weaponry.
Another tip for the Battlemage is to remember the placement sequence: left-right-left-right, and which one has been deployed, so that you know if you need to move or turn, so as not to block the next one.
As with any vehicle we’re not familiar with, it’s best to first practise extensively in custom battles, on both sides. This is especially important for vehicles that require specific tactics or positioning.
I highly recommend practising strafing with mouse thumb buttons, all kinds of movements. The Corsair Scimitar was the best mouse I was able to find for this task. I moved the keypad to the front and for now I’m using the “-” and “0” keys for strafing.
Aiming behind a hovercraft’s cabin should be the most effective. More tips can be found in the thread below. I’ll post a video with the Battlemage here when I’ve uploaded something cool.

crosshover :upside_down_face:


Change your name to Boohoo Radley.

This game is called Hoverout now guys but of course, marketing say “Welcome in battlefield against squads of hovers battle”.

Nah the name Cryout be a better fit for this game, especially in the forums!


If they had not screwed wheels over with the Supercharged update I honestly think we’d see much less hover builds in general, old wheels + new everything else sounds like the perfect balance for movement parts