Crossout just fell off a cliff

They seem like a group that is pretty young, when I saw their group photo. I think a lot of their mistakes can be attributed to this, and when I look at them from that perspective (their relative youth), it’s actually pretty amazing what they’ve accomplished.

I’m not saying I think the game is in great shape at the moment. It seems to be going through one of those phases; the calamity of half baked updates. They usually pull it together eventually (then break it again), but wow they’ve made the game complicated at this point. I wouldn’t want to sort it all out. There’s a lot going on. Too much, IMO.

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People do not understand we vote with our money.


a lot of top players are leaving game or becoming less interested making clan wars more boring plus meta is stale as fuck even myself over 13000 hours i play maybe 20 minutes a day now


hot take.

see y’all at the next sneak preview!


I am at 8,757 hours. I am 45 minutes from wasting an entire year of my life on XO.
There is 4-8ft of snow outside 3 months of the year. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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PS4 Start 06.2017 Stopped 11.2022

PS5 Start 11.2022 - Today date 21.08.2023

They lost more players like me on PlayStation and also a lot of money due to their stupid ideas and changes.

Honestly I have to say that was my best decision ever to reduce the time spent on this game, I have much more time for other things since then and I dont regret it, I feel great!


LMAO their reviews on Steam are getting savaged. XO got obliterated from something like 75% positive recent reviews to 58% in 2 days.

Meanwhile on Reddit: “WE’RE FIXING THE WEEKLIES!” doesn’t fix anything

It’s a miracle no one DDoSed them yet :eyes: