Crossout Meta in few pictures and words

Since most players on the game play PvP in the range of 10.000 - 14.000 powerscore i find that funny to post every meta build we can find. You know, those builds that you always encounter when playing a match. And the winner, most used weapon of all time PvP missions and Clan Wars is… Firebug Flash alias Firedog !

I find that very sad that creativity/art never been a thing in this game in PvP. Basically place spaced armor part randomly and make a build that look like nothing, that’s about it. Space armor concept ruin the visual aspect of the game but well, it makes our build survive longer despite how ridiculous it feels like when you want to show the game to a friend.

What is also kinda sad is that each weapon got it’s own specific build, like it should not be used on anything else movement parts/cabin for some. Exemple : Scorpions on Hover

Above that, all the garbage weapons that a minority (or no one) use because it needs buff or simply unplayable, or never used because other weapons of same type are better :

  • Assembler
  • Nidhoggs
  • Spike
  • Nest
  • Aspect
  • Clarinet TOW
  • Snowfall

I probably missed some but hey there is so many things that need to balanced in this game that i lost count.


Decor and radars used to be used as space armor, and that has been addressed. It is weird how a flimsy piece of scrap can stop a cannon shell. One solution I’ve suggested was to increase a part’s durability based on how many % of its attachment points are connected to something. It makes sense that the better a part is fixed to the surrounding parts, the more damage it would be able to withstand. Incidentally, this mechanic would make the game more realistic with regard to parts with slopes, as they would get the biggest bonus, because some of those can be mounted in such a way that 100% of their connection points are occupied, even as the external surface. That’s why tanks have sloping surfaces - to better deflect projectiles. :smiley_cat:

There is a considerable number of players that build art-focused PvP vehicles. They rightfully complain about having to face minimaxers that will use any possible advantage to improve efficiency. That’s why I’ve been suggesting it for a long time: there should be separate leagues for separate players, with separate matchmaking systems.

  1. A ‘basic’ league for anyone.
  2. A ‘fun’ league for art-focused players. There’d have to be measures in place to ensure a minimaxer troll or other wouldn’t barge in and bully them. Maybe a system to vote a repeat offender out (with a possibility to appeal). After talking to many ‘art’ players, I consider this to be a legitimate category of Crossout gameplay, and I do believe there should be a solution implemented to make them happy. If someone wants to play cars that look cool, they should be able to. Perhaps in a more realistic game, this would be less of an issue, because vehicles would have to conform to technical constraints to a greater extent, and they’d end up looking cooler overall.
  3. A ‘competitive’ league for minimaxers. Admission either by invitation, or based on a voting system, like the one described above. Meaning one would either have to be approved by already ‘certified’ players, or every player would have a pool of points replenished every month or so, which would be deducted by downvotes received from those ‘certified’ players. I try to play well and I don’t want to have to carry someone who doesn’t care about winning. This would be the purpose of such a league. Pro gameplay for those that need and enjoy it.
  4. An ‘elite’ league mostly serving to advertise Crossout on Twitch, etc. There would be a fixed number of such players, and battles with the most of those would be automatically selected for streaming on Crossout’s official channels. Perhaps with commentators, like actual e-sports events. There needs to be a limit to these players for the sake of efficiency, because this league’s purpose would mainly be to show to the world how cool Crossout is, and at some point there would be too many battles happening at the same time to manage and choose from. This is an easy way to advertise Crossout, and could’ve been done, e.g., 5 years ago. There’s a lot of money Targem and Gaijin missed out on for such a simple reason, and a lot of development that wasn’t funded with the extra revenue (as well as a lot of mocahitas they didn’t drink in the garden pools they didn’t get to build). So embarrassing. :pensive:

So true. Some loser has a whole YT channel dedicated to waving this stick around at 12K.

LOL, there’s even a ‘pro guide’ on how to become a TOW hero! :joy_cat:

Each of these have a better version…but you think that means a lack of balance?!? That doesn’t pass muster.

I understand the complaints about spaced armor and the appearance of builds. While I don’t mind that at all, there is some logic behind the complaint. That said, I have no issue with spaced armor. It adds more difficulty to the building process. Anyone can just pile on armor but spaced armor requires more time and creativity to do well.

So you don’t like that certain weapons are better suited for certain movement parts. :thinking: I consider it common sense that competitive people will gravitate toward what works best. And that adds variety. Having all parts working equally well together means there is no difference in parts. That would make for a very dull game.

They have build contests and Bedlam for guys that get off on art. You may better enjoy spending your time in those endeavors.

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I though 8000-10000 was where the most players were while high powerscore is pretty barren

This is funny - Every relic should be nurfed…lol…
They are end game weapons and should be left alone. they are fine as they are except breakers which are so under-powered now its not funny. 3 Cheap epic shotguns will out DPS and strip breakers.

If you are struggling against a certain build, look at what beats it. No build around does not have a counter. To beat scorpions on hovers just use griffin, harvester, spark and lancelots and it an instant kill and he wont even see you coming.
All build have a counter - just take note of what works.

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yeah everything but firebug flash is fine

Some guy had an idea for solar panels as structure parts that I think would help make spaced armor better looking, especially on hovers.

I would consider that to be Clan Wars, yes?

As for the other two league suggestions; PVP is a pretty basic mode. Depending on the power-score you play, you can find anything there from art builds to min-maxers when the matchmaker is working smoothly (like it is presently, IMO). Often the gddmn matchmaker is wonky AF, and this isn’t the situation, but presently I’m running some pretty artsy builds there at around 6K and I’m doing fine (win some loose some).

I think Ghost Busting for Ravagers is pretty artsy-fartsy, but it was working for me in PVP
If I can bag two kills in a PVP match with one of my murder-dolls ( and the Ghost-Buster there does), I call it good, but sometimes I do better (or worse). That seems fair to me. I don’t expect to do better than that without some min-maxing, and that seems reasonable, I think.
Point is; It’s hard to run art-builds in PVP (and it should be, probably), but it can be done (when the matchmaker allows it), and I think this could be considered your “basic league” that allows for all kinds builds, provided the matchmaker isn’t on the schit cycle of it’s mood swing. It’s a pretty flaky device, IMO.

When I want to play a straight-up art build, that is all flash-balls and glam, or immersive fantasy, I do easy raids. I can literally play whatever I want there and it mostly works.

So, I think they have these three basic “Leagues” more or less already. I’m not saying it works well all the time, because it totally doesn’t. But, it seems to be running fine (for me anyway) right now.
When the developers have their game tuned in properly, I think it works a lot like you suggested it should.

Breaker is fine. First, a breaker setup costs 2 less energy than a TB setup. Second, any Breaker that gets stripped by a TB needs to seriously reconsider how he plays.

@ NZChazman I did not mean relic need to be nerf in any kind of way in my post, the pictures are just showing the most used vehicles and show how repetitive the game is, it’s more unused weapons that need to be buff to bring more diversity

Excuse me sir but Snowfall is neither unplayable, garbage, in need of a buff, or never used. Snowfall is an absolute beast of a weapon once you learnt to deal with the delay before firing and the drop. My first four games yesterday with it were 3500 score MVP, 2 1000+ Unyieldings, and 2500 score MVP (^%

For the PS, the only thing that comes close to a snowfall volley in terms of OS potential are full lancers, and Pyre Dusk derps. And I said “close”, not that it’d match it.

Damage of Snowfall is great, even top tier if you land all missiles on target. However it cost 15 energy and you wont have cloak or other usefull modules that other weapons can afford because they use less energy and perform at their best while allowing more energy to spend on hardware.

And using just 2 snowfall is too much damage lost, there is also the long reload time and the limited angle to deal with… If you miss the enemy have plenty of time to get you into bad situation, also the rocket drop force you to go closer distance wich impact your chances to survive with such long reload time. Maybe if you play good you can get some good play with it sometimes, but it is very situational and most meta build will more often get advantage on you

I have myself 3 fused Snowfall as i was playing with it before so i’m not talking without experience.

The Snowfall is outplayed by Crickets and even the Pyralid as they can shot easier on long range, thats why you can find those build in Clan Wars but you’ll never find Snowfall in CW, maybe in Tin but that’s it

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I agree with most of your post. They don’t perform well endgame where their damage potential isn’t enough to cripple or straight up OS the gigantic pancakes people play. Tried to bring Snowfalls into CW, it didn’t work. Hit-and-Run is much less viable when people take 3 volleys to knock down, and the DPS and lack of gadgets are a killer. BUT

810 single target damage, before taking splash, codrivers, or anything into account. Even 1 free energy point would lead to Triple Snowfall Trombone, and that’s something I doubt would be good to the game. No weapon would be safe from getting OS’ed by the mighty 1600+ explosive damage shower of death.

This said… The special reloading module should really be 0 energy. Not just for Snowfall’s endgame performance, but also Ripper, Cricket… Just revert the last Fortune buff too.

I think if they remove the preload time of Snowfall it would already be way more viable.

Preload time + Low velocity + So much Rocket flight drop all together that’s too much, when crickets can fire long range and instant fire… Also the perk of Snowfall is so bad and make no sense. It’s like they want us to play melee with a missile launcher, when you can just play normal melee or firedog and will be way more effective. It need to be changed to something else.

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i’m yet to this day, ever since snowfall was added, still unsure what the perk is supposed to do, or if it even does anything at all…