Drones need to change

i agree that sidekicks arent really that threatening and shouldnt be 4 energy. 3 is the least it should be. if anything id like them to make an epic sidekick at the very least.

that mustve been a long time ago eh? i dont remember that. only thing i remember is swarms of boats using grenadiers… i still get PTSD thinking about those days…

well there is the cabin that gives them increased damage for 7 seconds before they go poof. i still find that cabin to be useless…

microfactories are also explosive to… which yeah you did touch on that a bit. but really the only thing that benefits from them really is the harpy as it increases the ammo you get from them. even then it still makes you a walking time bomb.

umm… tow isnt that big of a deal though. they are guided missiles and have poor accuracy. you have to catch someone off guard with it but even then its not really a threat. most of the time your armor will shrug it off.
it also makes you a sitting duck. you cannot move or do anything while your controlling the tow missile. which means someone can come in and just shred you to pieces while your controlling the missile. if they have a radar and find you your as good as dead.

this exactly. i was pissed when they nerfed fuzes because i used fuzes alot in pvp and enjoyed picking people apart with them. (oh man the hilarity of people raging as my drones blew them apart xD) the thing is i ran grenadiers once and i was stunned how broken they were. i only had 2 of them but yeesh they could rip people apart. i could literally tank hits with a call and 2 grenadiers on tank tracks while the drones picked apart people. i remember id be killing 4 people before i was taken out. didnt matter how many times they shot me my grenadiers would strip their weapons and pick them apart afterwards. it was quite a thing to see.
but i think the only drones that needed nerfing were annihilators and grenadiers, the other drones didnt need to siffer because of those two.



Came on, sidekicks are not scary, any drone is easily disposable, the problem is, normally people get tunnel vision and instead of shooting the drones, they shoot other builds or the mothership first.
The reason i like sidekicks it’s not because they run to the other side of the map, it’s because they normally stick with the mothership while driving around, i wish they were faster and truly stick with the mothership at all times like hawks do.
but as is they are versatile and offer another and variable vector to shoot.
it’s somewhat a protector for my hawks by being a distraction. ( i used protector very loosely).

the rest, they just derp around, pointless


the cooldown time we haven’t any control over that, it’s a major disadvantage to all the other weapons in addition with awful durability.
they should have one of this not both.

Not the nerf I am talking about. The grenadier apocolypse was small and short lived compared to the sidekick one.

When sidekicks were introduced. First couple months of the game. Imagine something as strong as grenadier’s were (always shooting cabin with 100% accuracy) without a tether and without the paywall of a pack item.

Then imagine instead of nerfing it within weeks… it was several months.

I played clan wars during this time. My Clan on Xbox T4XP took 3rd place only using sidekicks and we only played for 2 hours on Saturday night and got bored it was so easy.

I know the exact time your talking about.

We would go into raids with nothin but sidekicks - stand in one spot drop the drone and then do nothing but watch everything die. Then when everything was dead we would move to the next part of the raid - rinse and repeat.

I’m not sure this change was a nerf, more then it was righting a wrong they did.

Because they nerfed them into the ground because they lost a lot of the player base.

HAH, I had forgotten the old cw system. It took so much less time to assure ore. CW was really profitable then. And crickets were so OP.

We didn’t even have “Ore”. We got “Relic Fragments” instead and it was a random drop only to the winning team.

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Thought you got ore and the relic fragments were random?
It all blends together now (havent done cw since levi wars were tested). I’m old, that’s my excuse and I’m stickin to it.

Ore was introduced to the game when Fragments where removed.

We also didn’t do best 2 out of 3 - all clan wars was a single match - win or lose

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was that about a year after launch on Xbox? It took me a little over a year to get my first porc. I did some CW’s without porc but not many. I probably don’t remember getting a Fragment because I never got one lol.

yeah pretty sure because I also don’t remember single games.

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It was around the one year mark when clan wars started, if I remember correctly. And without looking things up I feel like the fragments were in game at least a year, can’t remember how much more or less to be honest.

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