If someone were to ask you to recommend Crossout

What would be the negative things about the game you’d mention?

For me it’s a general sense of keeping all the fun weapons sucky, and all the non fun weapons good and meta. Any weapon that feels unique and like it could be fun to use and master, usually sucks to such a degree that even with mastering it you’ll still do way worse than the stuff that everyone and their mother uses, because it’s just that effective and simple. There’s a ton of guns, but only a few of them are really viable. Same with build types and movement parts, you have the ability to build anything at all, but 9 times out of 10 it won’t do anything over the copy pasted current meta that steamrolls absolutely everything.

Another thing I’d mention how generally money hungry the game is, and how it will try to milk money out of you at every possible twist and turn, to the point of it being kind of a requirement to buy battle passes if you want to be able to have any amounts of fun on the long run. it might be free to play but honestly you are going to need to pump in money, especially if you’re a new player who does not have years of stocked up parts.

I would communicate that if they aren’t going to spend money, be prepared to play a long time.
I would communicate that if they are going to spend money, they should play a long time.

The game is a time sink if you want variety.


I would warn people that the building system is complex and confusing, and will take a long time to learn.
Being good at aiming and driving isn’t going to make you an instant hero. Even downloading builds from the exhibition won’t help you until you begin to understand what makes some work. You won’t be able to recognize good builds until you understand the system, and the system is always getting tweaked.

Those aspects are also why I find the game so addictive, but it’s not for everyone.

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And I tell my friends to avoid the arch. The best games have a high-quality and comprehensive story.

I would also warn that many people put restrictions on themselves that make the game not fun.

People will be like “I’m not playing (insert item here) because it is pay to win Or OP” or whatever excuse they come up with.

Then they complain all the weapons they play suck because they refuse to play anything that is good.


That’s a provocative question, don’t you think?

  1. Pointless PvP.
  2. Non-PvP content is even worse than PvP, aside from questline in Awakening (it’s at the very least variety).
  3. Minuscule scoop of lore.
  4. Money suck.
  5. Timegates and quotas
  6. Smearing of what little content the game has thinner and thinner.
  7. Constant buffing and nerfing of everything in order to sell something new. The problem is not balance patches. The problem is patches aren’t always “balancing” weppins and stages. Oh and wheels, yep.
  8. No hope for any development.
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“I call that the title of the year”. After so many years? Meh

And what does that chart prove?
I have a PC account but I don’t have Steam.

Negative things…

I’d simply warn them to not give in to the green eyed monster.
Envy and the manipulation of your envy is very strong in this game.
It’s why you’ll never see PS brackets for weapon rarity.
It’s why BPs have high rarity parts fused.

The goal is to get you into the game & make you think you need a pair of relics to be competitive.

You need that to be competitive in CWs and 15k+ PS PVP… not to have fun & advance in the game.

I’d encourage anyone to build a fully fused SPECIAL/RARE build ASAP that uses either shotguns, machine guns or cannons.
Start with hardware, then wheels, cabs, then weapons…
Farm the challenges accordingly.

Don’t worry with top PS PVP for a very long time, no matter how tempting.

You are right with what your saying, no one needs that stuff to have fun.

But…. many people think that playing in clan wars is the only version of competitive play this game has to offer.

Playing in random PvP with derpy guys on weird builds is not competitive to me. PvP missions are just a resource grind where hardly anyone even cares if they win. And the prize hardly changes if you win or lose.

Just my two cents.

Nothing wrong with what you said, but the thread is about what I’d say negatively if asked.

If I thought the player was looking for real PVP competitiveness, this just isn’t the game for them. That’d be the negative thing I’d tell someone looking for PVP. In my opinion, NO GAME where your teams max out at 8 players, strategizing is severely limited by maps/intra-team-communication/match time length etc, and massive individualization of your “character” is conducive to real competitive PVP.

Look at the game-modes XO offers…

7 standing PVE raids
3 “light” PVP modes in Scrap/Wires/Batteries
two PVE missions
random very silly PVP brawls (mosquitos, artillery etc)
occasional teamwork PVE raids in seasons…
test drive area which is a mini-game all itself…
Bedlam which is almost a social media side of the game…

The only serious PVP aspects being CWs or maybe 16k+ PVP. I think that’s absolutely undeniable. I mean… I play PVP - typically below 10k - and it’s not CWs or the 16k+ stuff. Much of why I don’t play it is because the game is simply taken too seriously by many of those players. If/when I’m looking for that kind of gameplay, I don’t play XO. It’s just not as fun for me as the rest of the game.

It’s akin to driving my little 16bit car around that version of Sim City that allowed you to drive to satiate my driving game passions. Erm… no… that’s what Forza, Need for Speed etc is for. Sim City isn’t that game.

If a new player was looking for serious sweaty PVP competition, this game will drive them nuts. They either have to grind FOR YEARS or spend huge amounts of money to consider this a “real” PVP game. If they’re looking for that, there are much better options.


But, if any of that sounds the least bit appealing… and they like the idea of building a rig the way you build a village in Clash of Clans… and they like Mad Max, Star Wars, BattleStar Gallactica, and Blade Runner…

This game has a mix of all of that which is unmatched. It allows you to build, grind, have silly matches & maybe eventually get into real PVP one day if you want. And for players who have already done the grind or dropped the coin, then XO is a great option, I suppose… especially if you like the other aspects of the game.


If this post doesn’t make any sense, I blame all of you… and the sake I’m drinking.

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I certainly would say I do not get the same adrenaline rush as a good 3/5 match on err well fighting games


I would tell them to download the free packs, like Marmok, Targem turns 20, and Morgenshtern.
I would tell them to buy the 10.00 BP
Then I would tell them to play for years without spending another dime.

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If you not particularly interested in building… trying to combine good looks and effectiveness for example… there is little for you to do in the game… being metaslave? Playing whatever ugly box of spikes that works?? That is just dull, but what most people that stay in the game do. Wouldn’t recommend.
There is surprising amount of weird people that find it worthy spent of time to just drive around and “click to spawn drone/mine” so there’s that…

For me owning all constructive parts in the game was almost the main point to have the most freedom to build… That would have took 10-20k battles without donation… or Dozen(even two) of packs.
I lost tons of coins buying and selling stuff, fusing, just to find out what and how works and find something that is just best for me. There used to be crates with temporary parts but devs decided they’d rather have you spend more coins buying… FFS they even make you pay to get rid of stickers. Some guys just love cannons, that lottery of (miss-hit-kaboom)
I mean you can choose one or few weapons that appeal to you and stay indefinitely on 5000-6000 PS… if you not having fun there you probably just play for grind. I’ve played a bunch of games like this. Somehow once I got all the things I wanted unlocked I left the games never to return. XO is the first and only game I can play without ever progressing anywhere.
Besides, even with one weapon and set of parts I’m time after time surprised how I managed to build something new and better. If you don’t have that thrill idk what’s to do there.

Oh yes, there’s also this “collectors” that want to have everything in the game, devs are milking those pretty good xD. Or just meta slaves that want to make sure they possess whatever weapon that becomes meta.
I’d say game is rather toxic with all the meta, parties etc, but other games mostly even worst so idk, depends on a person really.


‘all the forum users’…



…and the first where I don’t care if I don’t progress. LOL
I suddenly have almost zero desire to get the “better” weapons. I want all the parts… sure. But, I literally don’t see much more value in getting a relic than I do a cool new bumper with functioning headlights. :upside_down_face:


TLDR: XO is a freakin circus. But I love it.

Most this is all from my review:

My thoughts on “Balance” are that it’s left in the hands of the player to piece together (or figure out) what a balanced build is and, because not all players are intellectually equal, massive issues are glaringly apparent. I used this analogy before, and I’ll use it again, looking at things like football or soccer:

We have a park (crossout) and we have a bunch of people enjoying its facilities. On any given day, a group of long-time football players show up at this park to settle a score, they’ve been playing the game for a long time and there’s a bunch of “unspoken rules” between them all, they don’t need protective gear, nothing, and they settle in and get to having fun.

Then, we got the high school and college players showing up to use the same park. Some of them even brought their jock-straps and helmets, and the long-time players chuckle at how they squabble about “two-hand touch” or “full-contact” because one of them don’t got enuogh money for a Jock-strap to bring to the park. Then we watch people who use the gaijin vending machine for a jock-strap get mocked for they being able to afford one when someone else can’t.

Then, we got the pee-wee league fully geared up, completely ignorant of the rules, charging full bore into everyone’s knee caps…drunk parents cheering them on over their shoulders.

The long-time players just vacate the field into the bleachers (gen chat) to join the party while we watch the high-school teams (missing jock-straps) get plowed by the OP college teams while, at the same time, there’s a bunch of pee-wees in OP gear knee-capping anyone dumb enough to stop and whisper “META TRASH!”

If you want to see a circus unfold before your very eyes, Crossout is the game for you, otherwise…yeah.

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the part where i set expectations would drive them away before they installed

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I believe adding a garage online mode to the game will solve the problem, yes this game is not friendly to new players, both pvp and building vehicles, introducing this mode expands the building system while allowing newbies to play in a mode that does not require ability and has the opportunity to learn more from the veteran players in the room, they are more likely to stay in the game, And players will play to the map designed by the players, this time will breakthrough rich map content,in this mode: we need default alliances(can declare war on players, preferably divided into multiple squads like RA2), and the option to vote to kick someone