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I’ve been working on the same topic everywhere else besides this forum

I talked to other users

But I don’t think there’s enough explanation

I would like to quote the conversation I had with them there and write additional information.

This is not about the PVP, it’s about the PVE



PVP is a bit of a different story

This story is about PVE

  1. You have to force yourself with a team you don’t want to do?

I’m doing a PVE Big Chase event race with you

We’re a team of four

I didn’t attack the enemy NPC from the start to the end

To be exact, he filled the minimum score requirements and ran straight into the corner

I was far away, playing in the corner with my drones

The three of you took care of the enemy NPC and the bosses

And after the game, I was a little smaller than you guys, and I got a reward

Now, you and I met again in the next match.

Will you match me again?

This is one of the real situations I’m in.

It’s not just for one reason that I left the team, but I’m asking if you have a decision-making power

Don’t you think you have the right to make decisions about playing or refusing with me?

You have the right to decide not to play with me

By the way,

You’ve been matching me a lot (e.g. 10 out of 30 matches)

I met you. I knew you were going to do what I first saw you

How many of them will you be with me?

If you leave me, you’ll report leaving the team
(Again, this is a real job for me.)

In the end, you can be punished for reporting, so you have to be with me

I’ll be with you again, attacking a little bit, running away and playing

Are you happy?

This is one example.I’m one of those jobs and I won’t say who he is

But there’s a lot of people who’ve seen it besides me, so you know who it is

Now, what I want to say here is

You have the right to make decisions based on your free will

You can choose a team or you can reject it.

Why must it be enforced?


For what?

When I asked him this, the forum over there said,
(Let me summarize)

  1. To speed things up,

  2. Otherwise, the game cannot be played because it is a game called cross-out

1.You really just have to be fast?
It’s not
If it goes fast, of course it’ll be a good story.
But someone only needs to be quick, with their decision-making power ignored
It’s wrong to say that

If you don’t want me to be with you
You have the right to reject me
I also
If I don’t want you
I have the right to reject you
Do you understand?

Why should even such rights be ignored and enforced?
For what?
Only if we can play the game quickly?
Your freedom of good behavior has been ignored

You know there’s a lot more important to us than sooner

Especially in small games like PVE, the speed is just a few seconds apart
It doesn’t mean much

And let me add one more thing
Other people talk about this a lot

For example
In a four-man raid game,
Three people were waiting, including me and two others
You just joined the team.

But maybe you didn’t like us, so you left

The game went on and we struggled pretty hard

So let’s talk about what could happen here

Should 3 members of our team curse at you who went out? Report it? So you’re being punished?

Is that the only way?

That’s the only way you knew.Does it?

But you know, I don’t need to.Why do you have to do that to each other?

Three of us were on standby, and the count started when you came in

But you left us.

If that’s the case

The count should have stopped and the game shouldn’t have started

And we’ll find another team member, not you

Another team member who wants us.

You can get a new team member, not you

So you find the team you want and you find your team

We started the game by finding a new team member, not you we wanted

Are you all happy?

The problem here is that it’s not.

That’s how the game starts.

And you are absolutely just as soon as the game started, there’s no tomorrow.
(I’m telling you again, this is a PVE story)

If the game started because you left us,

We’d call you names in a very difficult situation

The game shouldn’t have started

But the game started and we had a tough time


Because of you?

Because the game was forced to start?

You left on your decision-making authority

The system ignored it and the game was forced to start

It’s wrong.

The count should have stopped.And we should find someone else to fill in for you.

Five seconds to find someone to replace you? It took about 10 seconds at most likely.

We can wait 10 seconds for someone to replace you

That much patience is with us

You know, we can respect you for your decision-making decisions

Only a forced system didn’t know that

Then you’ll know enough here

What the problem is.

If you’ve understood this far, maybe you can argue that
(In fact, he said there was a problem with the system being forced.)

  1. Efficiency
    When we actually talk to each other that much, he talks about this
  2. It’s similar, but it’s in the same context as the whole, so I’ll tell you

Cross out by now inevitably due to system efficiency matched pve in now.
Say with one of these systems deployed deogo.

But that’s not right.

Let me show you a picture

pic upload free

The picture above shows the matching structure in one game

That picture is for PVP

What are we talking about?

It’s PVE

See you in terms of pve

In the picture to some point on the number we keep.

1.2. is we will see.

  1. is completely ready

  2. A new team member is in the process of getting ready

  3. You don’t have to look at it because it’s necessary for PVP to decide the team.

  4. When the player is ready, he will enter the game immediately

The game lasts about a minute or three, and as soon as it’s over, it’s back on that screen

And ready for and game is on.

As you can see from the image.

In accordance with the players are all decision-making power over there staying in my seat.

Check the basic information and press the Ready button to participate in the game

If everyone wants to start the game, the game will go on

It’s not like a cross-out system.

The cross-out is not wrong.

It’s just something else.

But what’s the difference?

" That is all decision-making power is on one’s own free will and to participate in the game.

If you do not want that, out.

Chaejwoyeosseulgeosigo The place was someone else.

And as a result, they’re all airing their decision-making rights, which makes sense

You understand, right?

I explained it up to this point, but someone made a counterargument

That is too inefficient.Crossing out requires more people

That’s what he said

But what did I say?

We’re talking about PVE

PVE is often carried out by up to four people and, in some cases, at least three people

More appropriate to apply in the pve.

And efficiency?

You want me to tell you the truth?

Actually, the game shown in that image is after the game and before the next game,

Not more than 10 seconds (if it’s really fast, it’s possible in 3 seconds or more)

This is not because the game was forced to do so

The reason is that there are implicit rules between users

It’s called “Speed Game”. After the game ends, when that screen comes up, as soon as possible,

It’s polite to press the Ready button.

It’s not compulsory at all.

I might not, but I’m just being polite.That’s the game’savvy

Then let’s stop explaining and come back to talking about efficiency

How long will it be before we come back to the lobby after the game at the cross-out and start the game again?

You all know because you’ve experienced it.

Let’s think about it like this.

You spent an hour of play waiting for 3600 seconds in total, and a few seconds

Did you spend your time playing games?

How many seconds did the game use to wait for 3600 seconds and how many seconds did it use to play?

If you look at it like this, that game has a faster number

But I didn’t say one

They need time to save the team

We’re talking about PVE, right?

PVE requires at least 3 to 4 people

It takes us to get at least three to four team members in the cross-out

How many seconds is the market value?

And that’s the most important thing

Listen carefully.

That’s how he got the right team.

Will the team be disbanded right after one game?

It’s not

They wanted each other.What is the probability that it will change after the first game?

There is a possibility that the team will be disbanded after the first game.

But I think it’s likely to stay the same

Even if the team member left after the first game.

And someone else will fill that spot

In the end, there will be a higher chance that the teams that get along well will meet

So what happens?

We can play the game faster than the cross-out system right now

Like that game, if you need it in 3 seconds, you can even get rid of the counting

After the game is over, you can play the game as soon as you press the start button

Do you understand now?

Efficiency is not the problem

In that case, in some cases, that’s faster, or the cross-out system right now
It’s similar

Due to the nature of cross-out users, there are a lot of users who shout faster

I think that could be fast

In conclusion

It’s not about efficiency

Efficiency is important, but efficiency is good, and the right to make decisions is reflected

I like you, too

I like it, too

There’s a way we can all be good

Unless you’re forced to do it now, I’ll punish you

You understand, right?

Is the cross-out even closed to the forum?

There’s a limit to the number of replies you can leave in a day

So I added it to the existing writing.Please understand

Also, Eagle used a translation program, too.

I hope the contents will be delivered well.

Dude, no one is going to read all of that.

Leaving matches is a scumbag thing to do no mater what your explanation is.

Matches are short, if you can’t pull a team of 4 guys together then you get what you get. Just play and move to the next match.

Guys like you are part of the problem with this game. Just as much as someone not helping in a PvE match.

I would suggest asking in chat if anyone wants to group up before joining a game. You don’t even have to use voice chat or anything, just make a party.

I will agree that people not helping in PvE is a problem, BUT you adding to the problem with leaving a match only makes it worse.

It is the “Two wrongs, don’t make a right” thing

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I think I’ve explained enough in this additional article

There is something better and right

Why aren’t you doing it?

It’s not coercive

It’s efficient

You can make your own decisions

Aren’t you too tame now?

You can change it if you need to

You need to listen if you need to

If you close your ears too much, it’s useless

And as I said in the previous article.

I am well aware of the propensity of cross-out users

Therefore, I expected what kind of reply would be given.
(Though it only happened as expected…)

It’s like I’m on a medieval stake

Burn him! Burn it! It sounds like a shout
(. Block your account! IP Blocking! Was it that? )

This forum can be a forum where we exchange opinions and there can be differences in our thoughts

I think it is a place to share thoughts and words with each other, such as differences in opinions.

Of course, there will be people who feel the same way as me

There will be people who think differently from me

But just because it’s different from what you think,

Burn him!
Oh! Sorry
Block his account!

You seem ignorant of this.

Please don’t blame me. Let’s share our thoughts

Like a man of intelligence

Darn dude this is a forum and not a blog haha

What Monkey said, wonder if the poster is a novelist

I agree with Monkey with one exception, if the match be it pvp/pve is too laggy to even play, cuz what the point then if you’re gonna get 0 points and not help at all and possibly get in the way due to the lag!

They sure are!

I 100% agree

Yup, and people who kill a couple of raid bots and then self destruct and not respond are worst though

True, so true

People all have opinions, not all are the same, as the saying goes. Opinions are like buttholes everyone has one

And are you a novelist darkhero1942?