* MASS TESTING, Third testing

what predecessor? is there another omamori we dont know about?
am i the only one who noticed this? :rofl:

if they did that theyd piss alot of people off. not everyone can get an odin generator and id rather not spend coins on it. their better off leaving porcs at 6. but why would you want 36 energy though?

I was just saying if the devs were gonna raise the energy requirement of the porc(which they were gonna do but decided not too) then the only way out is to increase the energy of the odin cause if not than players with 5 upgraded porcs can no longer use a 5 porc combo configuration. They just can’t sell that last porc so they would be stuck with a unusable weapon that they prob spent thousands on or years grinding for.

all you do is just point and laugh.

im joking lol. but i dont think theyll make porcs 7 energy, if anything theyll make them 6.
though idk how to feel about medium cabs having 1 less energy and heavies having 2 less.

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Targem devs need to take a deep breath and do the unthinkable: play their own game. They won’t get everything right the first time, but it’ll be better. IMO they should just do it* and only focus on cabs and modules for now, without touching weapons. Small steps >>> giant leap of faith.

Doing everything at once is nice and all but you still end up with crap like Car Jack 0 energy Enlightnement 1 energy, when the former is obviously way more useful than the latter lol.

My changes regarding what they annouced rn would be Finwhale, Pegasus, Car Jack +1 energy :eyes: I’d have to think about the rest, but it doesn’t seem unfair to me to ask car jack users to pay like 1/30th of their energy for something that basically nullifies a good quarter of the PvP strategies.
Also Interceptor and Argus for 1 energy are nice, but with Kaps and Porcs in theiur current state… lol.

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MEDIUM CABS DESERVE MORE ENERGY THAN LIGHTS A Medium cab should have more energy than a Light. The speed and damage output of a light cab should make up for it’s medium competitors having different energy access. The Hippogriff and Beholder being extra energy oriented to a slow light category in thought. Medium cabs tend to be sluggish in a lot of situations making them even less reliable than heavy cabs even. Medium cabs with more energy than lights would permit their sluggish awkward speed for more usefulness in definable versatile areas. :thought_balloon:

I think they mean the other defensive module, Averter.

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could be, but the averter only boosts damage resistance not absorb it like the omamori does. i dunno any other one that absorbs the damage though so… i think its the averter? odd how the omamori is the superior version to that though.

I think that’s what they mean by “different mechanics”

The Averter is a passive defense module. Works differently by increasing damage resist to parts its attached to, instead of simply giving them HP.

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