New forum community is better

you keep proving my point lol its sad

Whats ur point other then wait for someone to talk to you about something.

Have fun. Enjoy life.

Will do

Good now shut it

why, cant help yourself? kekw

I said shut it haha not keep talking… smh…

Xbox is on the new forum for a day and he’s already back to his old ways. Now muppet has shown up too. Looks like forums won’t be better for much longer.


what are you talking about the forum being better? in the other thread i saw a guy give his opinion about the future of aa options and you tenshin chimed in with"its becuz lag". smashskull only rambled about how 60 fps is all you ever need.
here in this one skull is just being a boomer and spamming offtopic posts.
i dont know how this is supposed to be good in any way.

Muppet just proves he is just a mean spirited dude that makes these forums a more toxic environment.

Hey im just saying we don’t have super man eyes. Someone don’t like fact jokes lol.

Okay Lurch.


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