For me, I hate chasing temporary abilities, I mean weapons that are unbalanced,Yes, I didn’t fall for the developer’s trick in the first place, but I still sympathize with those people

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I don’t get this one they have a perfectly good perk on the Quasar why not just use that perk at a better distance mark.

Of course you do, I’ve seen your double Harvester build. It’s sure to be extra brutal. Now you’ll be able to slice through way more than just hovers with it. Just make it fast and you’re sure to clean up pretty well with it.

The Harvester really did need a buff, but I think this is way too much. I don’t think this is as much a balancing of what we had going on, as it is another drastic rework of important game mechanics. The numbers are just too high on most of this. It’s not a subtle re-balancing of the game politely curtailing a few OP features, it’s another major overhaul, I think.

Because it seems so out of left field, I suspect it is also an incomplete update intended to go along with some future rework. These last three updates seem to be a tandem jump into some destination yet to be seen. I think they are going somewhere with all this, and this is just another step in that direction. We’re not there yet.

I hope they make it to wherever they are going, but I think it’s going to be a bumpy ride for a while. This one’s gonna sting for a bit, probably…but then they sneak around in the middle of the night, and change stuff without leaving patch-notes too, so we might not have to wait for the next announced update to see the crap this update is going to fling be shaved back to playable levels.

Ya, for some of us this might not change much. I think speed will become more popular. I mean, what else is there at this point? Hover-kids probably won’t mind the change either. They’ll get buffed cannons and the Pegasus to hide behind, so I don’t see their game effected negatively by this. But, I do feel sorry for the slow guys on tracks. This is like a double nerf to damage resistance. Buffed penetration and nerfed bumpers. All these weapons will now go right through your armor and into your modules and cab.

Other parts will need to be used as armor (tracks, decor, wheels?), since armor is almost a worthless decoration at this point. All it’s going to do is slow you down and make you a big soft target and juice up your power-score.

So ya, for you, and me, and the hover dude, who use stealth, speed, and agility to avoid most contact, this isn’t much of a change…other than the amount of melee, and hollow burnt-out wreckage we will be driving past and around.

Is that what this is really about? Making the new necromancer cab and it’s new companion melee more relevant?

People have been complaining for a while that we needed to use a spark/flash with harvester to make it effective at all. This change just brings things back to the days when you didn’t need them, but not as ridiculously strong as they originally were.
It won’t necessarily make them much stronger than they currently are, but will allow for a much wider variety of melee builds.
Like you could get a single harvester and a couple of the new saws, and top it off with a skinner or tormentor. All kinds of harvester variations will be possible now.

When I originally got my first harvester, I used to run it with a couple remedies to try to activate the perk. It worked ok, but now it should work better.

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I’m not sure it’s a buff or a nerf in my case, it’s more like a change. I’ll explain and tell Me if I’m looking at it wrong.

For me I’m going to use flash anyways.
Removing the requirement is not going to matter to me.

Also, the damage is going to be less at first and then build up. This will give the target a little more time to get away. Am I see it right?

So before the patch as soon as you hit your target as long as you had the spark/flash (and a few other items) if your target is affect by the flash then you get 100% of your bonus as long as you have the flash. So if the flash is removed you have no bonus.

The advantage to that was high damage early, but with the risk of having your bonus removed if you lost your flash.

With the change you will need continued contact to get the full benefit of the perk. So now you can’t lose your perk by getting your flash shot off, BUT if you lose contact it will reset the perk and you have to charge it again.

It is most likely a small buff in my case. But I’ll have to test.

I think where the real buff is to lower PS builds without flash/spark.


It’ll be like having a buffed free extra harvester for builds like RoughMonkey’s against helplessly over nerfed bumpers

That seems like way too much too me. Not only does it do 50% more damage but it also has an increased multiplier to go with that, and your only defense (bumpers) got a major nerf. I think it’s insane and not a mildly whacked development.

I’m glad I haven’t bought the Battle Pass. I really dread this update, and would hate to feel like I needed to grind out challenges to get complete this pass under these new conditions. I expect low power-scores to be exceedingly miserable under the new and “improved” leadership of the melee’s middle finger.

Patrols might be easier though (just plow through the bots as fast as you can), but PVP is going to be trashed everywhere under 9K (and maybe beyond) by the melee META I think this will bring about.

I’ve never seen that as any difficulty worth considering when running active melee. Most of the players I see (around7K) are mostly doomed the minute a dog has latched on to them. Unless you can knock them out of the death spiral they go into, they are doomed almost every time. The dog de-cloaks as he makes contact, and then the only issue he has is how long it takes to grind through that player’s cab. Then he moves to the next target. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s as easy as that already.

If players couldn’t make the melee brick work before, it’s because they were DUI or something. It’s super simple already, and I can’t imagine how they thought it needed a buff, let alone a massive one.

Harvesters in particular, definitely needed some help, as Borers or saws were actually more effective (I never see Harvesters). They were under-performing for their class, for sure, but this massive buff to Harvesters isn’t the only buff to melee in this update, and includes a nerf to the primary defense against melee (bumpers). All that together is just too much, I think.

Melee was almost a default win setting for anybody with a middle finger. The last thing they needed to do was pile more melee onto this game. It was fine where it was.

People were already complaining about the Tusk and Lances. This will buff the helloutta those too, I presume. If they think I was popping their modules and explosives too easy before, wait till this update comes out. I mean, good for me, right?

I’ll be slicing through those bumpers 25% more effectively now. That’s a lot, even with no buff at all for that set-up.
My Tusk build will also enjoy the same indirect buff.

Both of these builds rely on speed and stealth to function, which is soon to be the only real defense you have against anything. It’ll be plague-like, because outside of cannons, and hovers with cannons (probably just hovers and cannons) I don’t see another strategy for survival. Fast-ass Melee. That’s it…yes, I exaggerate a little. Like usual, various power-scores will get various degrees of this, but I do see it as becoming pandemic…and unnecessary.

I hope the Cannon-guys can handle the rush that’s coming. They’ll need the buffs they got for sure. Otherwise, I thought they too were also in a good position, balance-wise, and didn’t need any help. With this new update in place, I think they’ll struggle to survive, unless they are hella fast somehow…like on hovers, hiding behind a big-ass Fused Pegasus.

The thing is, borer trucks were only popular because they were the only pure melee option that was strong.
Even two harvesters + flash/spark isn’t that common, even if it has made a recent comeback.
Outside of low PS, melee is generally only strong against hovers and some wheeled bricks.
The 50% damage buff still means your initial damage will be lower than it would be with the current perk and a spark. Eventually you’ll get up to more damage, but you want melee kills to be quick, so losing that initial damage compensates for the buffs.

As far as the bumper changes, that’s more about how all the new hovers are using more bumpers. It will make hovers even more vulnerable to melee, but won’t impact other builds as much. Spiders depend more on their legs to keep melee away, and tanks depend on their tracks. Wheeled builds will still have their plows, but they’re better off not getting caught.
Initially we’ll see a lot of people trying new things with harvesters, but I don’t think they’re going to be dominating everything else.
If anything, a lot of the recent changes and items are really good for making spiders more relevant again. The new engine helps a lot with legs, and the increased relevancy of melee also makes spiders a more competitive choice vs hovers.


Triple harvester tormentor omamori builds incoming

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Melee damage to bumpers increased by 250%, harvester damage increased by 50-150%.
Targem never does balance changes in moderation, its always over the top boosts and nerfs.
This really confirms we are ruled by a Kakistocracy.

nope, more by 10-30% alike compared to old perk.

but true about meele to bumpers damage.

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Damage increased by 50%.
Changed the perk: now damage is increased by 20% for every second of contact with the enemy. The effect stacks up to 5 times and gradually resets every 0.5 sec. when the weapon doesn’t deal damage.

Have you read the updates before you posted your reply?

Have you seen previous perk before post your reply?

or maybe you just blind and dont see “changed the perk” words you posted yourself.

its 235% total damage, vs 300%(stacked perk + increased previous by 50% where 50% is also increased by perk) = 27.6% more.

so here it is my 10-30%

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Great. We had at least two viable builds that would hardcounter firedogs before Targem fucked them up, guess it’s time to destroy firedogs so the only thing playable is hovers.
But they’re buffing harvester for 5k PS so there’s that :heart_eyes:

Also, can’t stop laughing at the plasma emitters comment. No shit sherlock, giving them only 10% pen without buffing them was a nerf. I’m speechless.

The Harvester rework or reversion is way overdue. Way back when, when you had to rent a minimum of 5 Legendary Workbenches at one payment, I crafted my first Legendary Weapon, my Harvester. I crafted 5 total but sold 4. Shortly, it was nerfed and then ruined, teaching me my first lesson about chasing Legendary Weapons.

Then, it was better to use 2 Laceraters than one Harvester. Lower Power Score, same area of Melee. Then they nerfed Laceraters and Maulers (Druzbahs) by making them 3 Energy.
So, then it was better to use 4 Borers than 2 Harvesters, or 3 Borers than 2 Laceraters. Even lower power score, same area of Melee.
Now, finally one Harvester will be better than two Laceraters! After years of dust build up, my Ghost and Harvester will see the Wastelands again. Wasted coin crafting a Spark. I might even get some use out of my Skinner!

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basically it means the bullet itself does 100% of its damage to parts through piercing. say the bullet has 100 hp of piercing. well it can penetrate through 100 points of armor before the bullet explodes dealing its explosive damage. so lets say you have 6 pieces of armor back to back. the first 4 have 25 hp each. the bullet will go through the 4 pieces of armor totaling 100 hp to the bullet, then it explodes dealing damage to the parts behind it or within its blast radius.

i always stood by that fire is broken.


i use my bumpers mainly for the durability. they can take alot of damage and are great for absorbing hits.

hurricanes!! :crazy_face:

HAHA!!! youll never take of my bumpeeaaaaaaaaaand the whole front of my car is gone… :face_with_peeking_eye:


Bumpers: used by everybody as all-around armor instead of just melee armor due to some pretty bonkers dura/ratios
Targem: nerfs bumpers melee resist


I know, I complain a lot, but these patches and the comments that go with them really don’t help. Half the time they state they want to do something, and the actual change is the worst way to achieve their stated goal lol.

Edit: wait, it’s the long awaited ninja Ripper buff, isn’t it? :eyes:


We want the game to be less arcade-like - Adds camera steering

We want to get rid spaced armour - Changes affect non spaced armour the most

We want to get rid of cancer side-hovers - Gives them a billion buffs to compensate

We want to make the game a bit slower by making matches 5 mins instead of 3 - makes everything universally faster with faster TTKs

Lucky for me I never use armour so changed it never matter to me lol


Vehicles are too fast - Gives hovers +15 kmh

Hovers are too strong - Nerfs everybody else by 5kmh

Forgets and releases a 105 kmh legendary cab 1 BP later anyway


They need to stop changing the balance guy every month, or get him a shrink appointment if it’s the same guy changing his mind every week.