Show Us Your Art Builds

I love silly builds… artsy builds… builds that are as fun to look at as they are to play.
I especially like it when they’re still viable in a fight.

Whatchya got?

Here’s my current stupid yet functional build… the butt dragging puppy. It’s complete with quad upgraded pyres, cheetah, flywheel, chameleon, and radar. For fun, it has the fart horn & green flare shooting out the butt.

I also can slap helicopter blades on it… got 1st place loser in my last match, beating everyone else playing, but our team lost. :frowning_face: :upside_down_face:


If I can I will definitely get some screengrabs of my art builds

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This is probably the dumbest build I’ve ever killed anybody with. It’s got a Sidekick tucked in there that helps a little. It isn’t easy to catch a win with that thing, but I’ve done it.

It really depends on how bad the other team is, I think, and on some days it’s pretty bad. I’m sure you’ve noticed. Sometimes the teams in PVP aren’t that great, and the META doesn’t really make much of a difference one way or the other.

Generally though, I like my art-builds a bit more functional that that one is (was), but it’s fun to attack kids in a tiny pink elephant sometimes, and so I do it anyway…because I can. Why not?


That’s awesome… my kids love it.

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I chuckle at the back view, looks like it has butt cheeks :joy:
Pink Dumbo is adorable!


As intended im sure


Here’s another of mine… probably my favorite build I’ve done.
Beholder, Kapkan, Grenadier x2, Fuze, MK2 Chamleon, Hot Red, Doppler…
It’s only good against stupid people or bots, but still tons of fun.

I hope you enjoy the heavy metal background music I added… and the little wink & nod at the end ensuring Gaijin will never feature this. LOL


Cool dragon, and I love Piero Umiliani. I don’t know if that’s him, but it sure sounds like his style.

It is freebie music with the video editing software I use. I don’t think it is attributed at all.

I wasn’t having a lot of fun until I rolled this build out.

I suppose I’m channeling Richard Petty’s Super Bird a bit, and I sort of keep going back to that style, but it works for me sometimes. It did this time.

I got 4 kills and an MVP with it…thanks, Matchmaker. I was a little surprised. I haven’t been getting those kinds of results in a while.

I got that nifty new Celestial Expanse paint finally, too. I like it.

And, happy New Year, folks.


I use to have a similar set up but the howl never made up for the perk loss at shorter distances.


I’m learning to like Tanks. I’m not really there yet, but I’m working on it.

That is an experiment in using a conventional tank equipped with conventional spaced-armor . It’s as vanilla as I could get it. Every thing on this rig probably could use a little buff. The cab, the tracks, the gun, all seem a little weak to me, but despite all that, it’s been fun for my cannon daily. It’s more chill than some of my other rides.

The spaced armor does help, but it doesn’t improve my aim any. I’m not very good with cannons. I can miss nearly any shot somehow, but I’m working on it.



For a while, I was doing the daily with multiple cheapo canons & a chameleon face hugging enemies.

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@82888150 ahhah :smiley: really funny design.

I designed a truck. Sometimes I go into the Bedlam map and pull the players.
And if I want, I destroy the trailer of the truck. :smiley:


Didn’t we already have a post like this on the forum?

The thread was not specific to art builds, but with how many of the guys here enjoy to build it might as well have been.

That’s not a bad thing :slight_smile: but when people post Meta or Seal Club builds it can get a little aggressive around here from both sides.


I think I begged for polka-dots for a year. Maybe longer. Thanks, Devs.

It’s a drone-boat that sports a combo of an Anaconda, Grenadier, and a Fuze. I like the flexibility and strategies that offers, but mostly, I like the polka-dots. I’ve got another that’s set up the same way, but this one works better, I think. I’m currently running tests on that, to find out for sure.

This one was tearing up hovers last night, and I was surprised at how well it did for me…I’m certain it was just matchmaker magic, but whatever. I needed a shotgun build for dailies , so I put one together. I don’t like running shotguns because it doubles the active-melee population in my matches, and it was indeed pretty bad, but it was more fun than I expected. I’ll keep it around for Dailies, but I get sick of active-melee pretty fast, so it’ll never be one of my favorites on the roster.

Do you consider my builds to be “Seal Clubs?” I think the matchmaker does sometimes, but I don’t. I do use some of your min-maxer advice to make them work, like fusing for power, and occasionally I hide some spaced armor in there, but my results are never chart shattering. I don’t usually go far enough into the min-maxing thing to be that brutal, but I do have to use a combination of those kind of build techniques and low power-scores to get these things to work at all.

If I can get two or three kills in a PVP match, I’m happy. If I get more than that, I’ll just build something prettier. In my mind a high kill ratio is a sign that I can make the car sillier. I don’t like getting pwnd all the time, but I have no ambitions to be king of the hill.

I’m here to build art that kills for my own personal amusement, and I hope I’m not ruining somebody else’s fun by trolling aces with an unfair advantage. I like the hot-rods and rat rods, and all that post-apocalyptic grunge and glamour this game has to offer. I like the immersion and atmosphere of their universe, but I have no interest in pwng aces just for the feel of my boot on their throat. It’s not my intention.

I hope that people keep posting their art builds in my other thread, but I’m glad there’s also this one specifically for them.


I always do a search for other similar threads before starting a new one… Either I forgot this go round or yours didn’t show up when I did so. Maybe I included the word “art” in the search, so yours didn’t show. Apologies!

I don’t think any drone build can be considered a seal clubber in this game right now! :rofl:

As a tractor trailer driver, I approve!


Let’s not post in here. I didn’t realize there was already a nearly identical thread.

Here’s that thread…

Show us your builds - Discussion - Crossout

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