Survey on BP, Build UI, UI sounds 6-20

Sounds like a charity :laughing:

But still, this time they thought about having short and straight questions. Due to their Runglish level it is the best course of survey they can conduct. For English-speaking players, that is.

Oh, and, since majority of BP rewards is bad, the answer was “nope”. Only a couple of them is good.

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I Though It’s A Joke Too :joy: Instead Of Google Survey, They Just Add SomeThing Like That With No Reward :sleepy:

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Maybe the reward will be that they listen?

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Bros asked me literally everything they could ask about the update except my opinion on their stupid hover buff lmao.

They definitely know.

Noo :thinking::kissing::neutral_face:

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  1. Season rewards. I love the decor rewards. The Thyrsus is a decor part that also deals 260 damage per burst, which is nice. The Kronos better be the fastest cabin, as races for corpses could become a norm. The Pegasus is great for using absurd amounts of movement parts. The Charybdis is a way to spread the damage-dealing area around, adding some flexibility to building melee vehicles. The gerrida seems great, with its 70 km/h top speed.

  2. The Orbital Station. While its unique layout is a welcome change, the details of its terrain cause battles to be chaotic. Typically, teams will take the high ground, funnelling through the narrow passages that terminate on the tiny elevated spots - which aren’t really proper cliffs, and are easily accessible to the other team. Battles feel cramped - for the groups camping up, as they have to huddle together, bumping against and blocking one another. Fast skirmish vehicles seem to do better in this relatively open terrain, by attacking the exposed campers and disappearing behind a number of rock to choose from as cover. And I really must add that the narrow passages seem quite pointless. There are also no elevated spots a vehicle on Omnis or tracks could drive onto, by taking advantage of those not being blocked by invisible walls. This is a new kind of rock that can’t be driven onto. And I’d come to enjoy discovering funny exploits with the Omni. The Orbital Station is vastly different from what I’m used to. It forces me to come up with new tactics, and for that reason, I’d say it’s fine. Why should cliffs be steep and hard to assail everywhere? This map shows us there’s no rule for that. As if trying to say, “Let’s be real. You fight on what terrain you come across, and you better get good.” (E.g., by practising in custom bedlam or PvP with bots in the Game Center for a few hours.) It’s the only map that seems to turn the principle of high ground advantage on its head - in a truly cosmic fashion! Yet, I quite dislike the Orbital Station, due to it being a unique, but grossly unrefined concept that looks better from the orbit than from ground level. It seems like something Alex would sketch on a piece of toilet paper, in a surge of inspiration, and then tell his minions, “Make it happen.” Now I’m wondering if what feels like an eagerness to learn and adapt isn’t in fact the same thing that drives a hardcore grinder to continue playing Crossout for years despite its many, serious, and, far too often, insulting problems. I want to think that the map is great because its different, but maybe it’s just crap, and after wallowing in that very matter for years, I no longer notice it? Possible ways to improve the Orbital Station:
    Either this way

    Or this way

    2023.06.21 005

  3. New AI cars. Like the one with 3 Punishers? Not really. The one with 2 Breakers maybe isn’t that bad. I need to see more of the new cars in action, but there already is talk in the Patrol community (yes, “Patrol community” :grin:) about them being harder to fight, or too hard.

  4. 20-minute raid rotation. This change has increased the probability of getting defence raids. Being able to do 2 or even 1 by checkign a few times an hour is better than hoping to chance a 1-hour stretch.

  5. The Helikong seems OK (I don’t have one).

  6. Not so much its recipe.

  7. The new damage mechanic feels more punishing, but doing away with space armor is a good thing.

  8. Faster cabins. So the developers are now going even further back on their ‘brilliant’ idea to make wheeled vehicles drive whack, which was an indirect buff to the hover engines (and accompanied by more of such, as well as directly buffing the Icarus VII). Changing stuff to show off fanciful ideas is dangerous, but it’s nice they can sometimes address a mistake.

  9. Damage resistance for structural parts. I posted about a similar idea 49 days before this addition was announced, and I like how well this has turned out.

10. New functionality of the vehicle assembly screen. I like the option to fly around faster. The message saying “The blueprint is incorrect…” needs an option to turn it off.
11. The new building UI. This is very bad. It has reduced its functionality. I need the following:

  • A setting to have the new building UI enabled or disabled by default. So that when I start building, I can use the old building UI, which was easier to use.
  • A key I can assign to enable the new building UI for when I want to use some of its features.
  • A setting to enable dynamic Storage window scroll speed - so that scrolling faster or repeatedly would scroll the window by a greater distance. I need this to switch between, e.g., structural parts and decor. And clicking the item types on the side tab won’t do, because I then need to unlick them.
  • Maybe an ability to bind keys for the different part types could help. I rotate parts with QWE, move around with the arrow keys (because that’s what you do when using a manly keyboard with a full-sized, L-shaped Enter key), go up with R-Shift, go down wiht R-CTRL. So I’d assign the 7 item categories to keys 1-7. But I still want the old building UI.
    Including both dynamic Storage windows scrolling, as well as bindable item category keys, would give players more options to customize their building experience. While building for the recent frog contest (where, according to a number of players, I built the best frog, but got nothing, because the contest was managed by some lazy punks that had already selected the winners on Friday and just posted them 59 minutes after the Sunday deadline), at one point I had to move some 160+ parts 10 blocks to the left. Took me an hour. I forgot about the centering option, which would’ve been faster (but not necessarily ideal). At any rate, building good art takes me at least 5 hours, so I need as seamless a UI as possible. There already is this serious problem with the camera being closer to the vehicle when driving, which substantially affected viewing art pieces (and made building bigger for Clash contests a less attractive option). I also need an open building space, so that an art piece wouldn’t get cramped in the garage. As well as a rooftop building space, or some other helipad, for building helicopters. So that’s two more building spaces that are needed. Especially with the helicopter pack that seems to be releasing soon - with a Ka-52 cabin, and what looks like a flare module to counter homing missiles.
  1. I like the new sounds when placing parts. I don’t like the sound of shaking the paint on every application. Although it’s technically the ideal way to use spray paint, it’s a bit much, noticeable especially when flying all over the place and painting every part separately. So when? Upon grabbing it from the Storage? That wouldn’t make sense. It’s not a problem, it’s just excessive.
    The new clicking sound for using all of the menus is too clippy. The old sound was just fine. These minor details matter.

It could seem as though there are a number of issues with this update, but the VIP testers have already reported all of this, right? Because they do build art, especially in the leviathan slot. They aren’t just some random chumps that wanted to be in the cool club, like what happens with the moderators. No, the testers, of both tiers, are sophisticated, creative individuals with broad interests and lots of imagination to help them come up with new, interesting ideas for improving the game. … Right? And it’s probably great for the game that they’re all Russian. After all, it’s not like Russian players are all shotgun wedgers. :wink:
(The following announcement was posted on the Russian version of the Crossout website on 2022.07.06. No such announcement appeared on the Engish website.)

And what’s with the announcement about recruiting Discord moderators? Could it be connected in any way to the scandal with the frog contest? You know, the one that was supposed to celebrate Crossout’s 8th Anniversary. Which would still be too late. Will I get my well-deserved Dark Aquamarine paint? You know, just as something extra, a proverbial cherry on top of everyone telling me it’s the best frog they saw in the contest. Which was actually a better reward, and the way things turned out made me appreciate it even more, but let’s get the formalities rounded off too.


I like the new map
I like the new UI to build
I like the sounds when building
Rewards on the new BP, i have no opinion
Heli thingy, and recipe, i have no opinion
I don’t like the new damage mechanics…
I don’t like the new damage features resistance

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I like those odds :wink:

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I was making sure people knew to log in for it. Some people don’t log in daily or even weekly.

Hmm. You seem to have redacted the part where I assessed the BP rewards.


They did asked if we liked the new AI designs. I simply forgot to list it.
My answer was No. I don’t like them.

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Yeah. Map is Just Trash :man_facepalming:This is The Biggest Map Disappointment I Have Ever Seen :rofl::tired_face:
What I Like on It ?

Good way of looking at it… :thinking: Nice.

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Ya, because I’m not sure I agreed with that part, which is why I noted it was a redacted statement and not the full quote.

Oh ya, I forgot about that too. I do like the new Bot designs, though.

A lot of these changes are good for the game, except for the relic weapon, I don’t feel bad about the rest of them, but I wish the developers would do something like a warhead change that would change the game environment more than a UI or sound change.

The problem I have with any polls, not just for this game but others as well, is that they usually ask you generalized questions about the things that matter the most. For instance, and I’m paraphrasing, “Do you like the rewards, YES or NO”. They should specify which rewards…I don’t want or need stickers, backgrounds, or portraits (none of which look like me anyway), which contribute nothing to the effectiveness of a build. They should also ask if the pass is too long, which I think it is, especially when you only get something like 15 lighters per level over 6-, 7-, and 8-level stretches. I’d rather they shorten the thing by a month and maybe give 25 lighters per level during those long stretches. But I’m just a Snit, so…

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My review of the new Crossout:

The game update brought a badly needed hover nerf and wheel buff. Wheels are much more playable now, and Icarus VII horseshoe type machine gun hovers can be beaten with good play. This makes the game much more enjoyable now. I play every movement part, and they are all in the best balance they have been in.

I have, and have tried the Pegasus engine and the Helicon rocket launcher. I have not tried the new spider legs or any new weapon.

The Pegasus is extremely good on light rush builds, such as my Blight Firebug build because it gives much more weight and top speed than Colossus. The engine is also extremely good on big spiders as the perk gives out extra power for extra power drain by a formula that I don’t understand.

The Helicon is good. I have been having good games with them on a horseshoe type Beholder hover where the guns are mounted to an Onamori and protected by a train plow.

The best part about Helicon is the tight spread and the high bullet speed. Once you account for bullet drop, you can hit far distant targets quite easily. The bullet speed does make hitting Icarus VII hovers extremely hard and they do better against spiders or ground builds.

As the gun has less durability than every other relic, it should be the most powerful. I think the developers should change the perk from taking a second of air time to reach full to the half a second as it was originally envisioned. The reason for this is that only extremely long shots see much improvement from the perk as the bullet speed is high and the rockets travel about 400 meters in 1 second.


Ask within the boundaries then. “The rewards” means all of them combined, a group of rewards. I don’t like the majority of rewards. I choose "no’.

You want MOOOOOA?

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Not asking for more, what I’m suggesting is, if you’re giving me 120 lighters, I’d rather get 30 over 4 levels than 20 over 6 levels. That is, compress the same rewards into a slightly smaller timeframe.


Agreed. I’m already bored with this battlepass. I doubt I’ll keep up with the weeklies, much less many of the dailies.

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Yeah. But the point of stretching them too thin was exactly for the opposite.

They are only looking for guiding rails not exact answers. People don’t have time for a 2,000 question all inclusive survey asking how good the synergy between part A and B is when combined with fused Part C.

Most people don’t play every day, the evidence is the large majority of players do not complete weeklies.

Sometimes you have to inject some reality.

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