*Update [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Frosbite Assault 🔃

Thats it. Small Tracks keep their speed when turning like slingshot drift wheels used to way back in the day.


Yeah a huge portion of the game is just jockeying for part advantage when you can. I questioned myself a few times on spending over 6k in coins on them (PC prices) but I’m kind of happy I did and have a nice fused set to use.

On the test server some of the larger tracks were able to drift fairly well too but I haven’t gotten to re-test them yet. I hope the rest of them work just as well with the live changes as people have been complaining about them for so long.

Just played a few matches with Atoms and I’m really enjoying the changes.
One of the reasons I like Atoms is that they behave almost like a cross between legs and hovers when encountering obstacles. You can climb up stuff and remain pretty stable.
This means you can drive backwards more without worrying too much about hitting a big rock or flying off a cliff.

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Just did a few battle with an old Sleipnir/hadron/fatman/king build and really enjoying how tracks feel now. It’s going to take a little while before the new rotate thing becomes muscle memory, but once people get the hang of it I think tracks could become much more viable.

Also tried an old cerebus/lacerator/tormentor build, and impressed at the damage boost.


I think that sometimes holds back a lot of potential changes though too. Relearning can be a pain even though it can sometimes be an improvement.


Saw Cryo weapons in most matches today, which suggests the devs successfully harpooned a bunch of whales.
I’m content to unlock it all over time, but it’s cool to already see the new damage in action. I think it may shake up the meta in some very unpredictable ways.


They really were spot on with that cabin name.


How about the name for the engine “Fin Whale”. This fused engine, +28KPH, is by far the fastest engine in the game. As everyone knows, a Fin Whale is the fastest whale unless you count dolphins and Orcas. It only costs about $150 to get early access to the “Fin Whale” and to make sure that you are the fastest whale in the wasteland ocean.

I badly want one but can’t bring myself to spend $150 for it. I will buy premium at some point, but will have to wait for the Fin Whale along with all the other plebians. I don’t even have an Odin yet.

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I’m hoping the Narwal has a similar bullet trajectory as an Elephant. I have a feeling that pairing it with a conventional cannon might end up being more efficient than using two.

It does look like it is the same as the elephant, at least on the few tests I did on exhibition

I had the same kind of idea, but with Narwhals perk of dealing super extra damage to frozen parts the bonuses between narwhal freezing an enemy + shooting a conventional cannon at the frozen enemy VS using two narwhals and hitting a frozen enemy with a narwhal that is getting extra damage from it’s perk might be more or less equal.

Another idea I had was 1 Narwhal + Deadman + Flywheel so it can be fired fast enough to keep an enemy frozen, and then using the leftover energy to run something like 3 vindicators and no modules, or 1 seal and 2 whirls, or 1 support module 2 4-energy guns and just bullet spam at the frozen enemy while somewhat rapid-firing the narwhal, keeping the enemy frozen + the cannon itself dealing extra damage + the bullet spam hitting the frozen enemy without any resistances due to freezing

But I am not rich enough for that as I am not buying the pass

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Do you say that Omni are better now? After all, now it is impossible to control it precisely, when you simply turn without using strafing, the car starts to drift, and the actual change of direction takes place after a second. The game seems to automatically turn on sideways to enable quick turns, because the game engine doesn’t allow for anything more complicated. It’s the same with small tracks, someone wrote that now they react so quickly that no one can hit you. You’ve got to be kidding me, it’s impossible to avoid any shots unless you’re playing Rust, because of that stupid drifting in the case of Omni and Small Tracks. I understand reducing traction, increasing PS, changing suspension, but such drastic changes in driving mechanics effectively cured me of this game, because 9/10 of my builds were on Omni and I am much less effective now and I spent a lot of time getting good fusions. I feel sad about this. Do I still have to pay for the battlepass after this? no way

Wait, people turn without also strafing when playing omniwheels?
I think I probably always combine strafing with turning when playing any strafing build. Gives you a lot more control, depending on whether you strafe with or against your turning direction.

I wonder why they didn’t give the thyrsus more damage like they planned and instead gave it more charges. One could argue that they would have been too powerful, but they did go ahead and make the Assembler a super long range Varun that’s pretty devastating honestly

I myself think that the whole added charges was a case of “Oh no if we buff this weapon it’ll be an actually good sniping weapon and then people won’t keep chasing the Scorps, we already took care of the Astraeus that some players were preferring instead of trying to reach our super special relics and we must have Scorps be the only actual option… but we already promised to buff it…throw some extra charges on it and call it a day”