What parts needed for faction build?

I’m attempting my first Faction build and I don’t have all the parts. When I hover over the car a flyout
appears showing parts needed. But this disappears. Is there a way to see the name of the parts needed
to build the car?

Hmmm… I’m not on the game, but you can click something and get a item list.

Doesn’t the icon look like the letter “I” or something like that?

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Looks like the faction blueprints haven’t been updated to work like our saved bluepints, or even the current garage ones (with the “i” buton added to the top right of the window that pops up after clicking the “i” button bottom right). Even though the Engineer blueprints have been updated recently. Tard’em may have thought of adding that. :joy_cat:
BTW, enjoy having to grind for 2 years, 9 months to unlock all faction parts, at 70K XP a day. :upside_down_face:
The parts in the badge exchange section should take some 9 months to unlock. :face_holding_back_tears:
(Prioritize big parts with lots of HP, those with pass-through in the properties, and bumpers with 10 damage bars.)

Unlocking level 15 in a faction takes some 70 days. From then on, a prestige level takes 16 days. This assuming 70K XP a day. You can buy a vehicle pack and save yourself a few months’ worth of grind. I haven’t spent any money on Crossout due to the developers’ lies and the moderators’ behavior. I would’ve regretted doing that when my witch got removed from the 2022 Halloween Clash of Engineers contest for no reason. A flying Ivy XO witch, with the amount of erotic content similar to the login page. That’s the treatment I get for taking such a long time to unlock every structural part. Here, compare to the login page:
2023.01.16 004
Magical, isn’t she? One of the finest art pieces in Crossout’s history. And, possibly, a shot at the 1st place, but now I’ll never know. But if that did happen, would she still fly after the subsequent hover size change? Probably not.
Just before that contest, there was one to build a pumpkin. The contest ended, I didn’t win anything, so I removed it from the exhibition, to make room for the witch. Then they did a surprise second round of qualifications for the contest that was officially over. Hours of building for nothing.
2023.01.16 005
2023.01.16 006
If you don’t commit years of your time to grind in this game, you won’t be able to enjoy it fully. If you do, a random moderator with some weird personal issues may spoil the fun for you. But the fundamental problem is Alex, the chief developer. He made appearances in several 2022 dev streams. It’s clear from his behavior that he micromanages Crossout’s development and uses his subordinates as shields to put blame on. In addition to them not being sufficiently competent as well, with the exception of Igor. That’s the picture I got from watching those dev streams. During one such stream in Russian, Alex felt compelled to ban a few viewers from the chat, as if that’s his responsibility as the main developer. He recently punished a slew of new players for nothing, by increasing the crafting cost by 2 cartridges in the Twitch Droppings workbench, thus more than halving the amount of rewards we could get. That in addition to making the Pink Lamps unsalvageable - double punishment! (In the previous such event, we got up to 14 extra cartridges due to some bug, thus the simpler-minded players could salvage up to 24 Small Pink Lamps for up to 1440 free coins in resources.) So, even if you’d just created an account, you got punished for someone at Tard’em making a mistake before your time here. This kind of behavior has been going on since 2017. I’ve submitted 3 clips to the Crossout Show, with beakthrough Clarinet gameplay and related tricks showing superb skill of dispatching hovercrafts. But the moderators don’t like me for repeatedly reminding them about chat rules when they overstep them, so those clips were ignored. Here, clip No. 2:

It’s not just showing off, my material had something to add to gameplay, for anyone tired of losing to hovercrafts. But some petty moderators didn’t need more gameplay variety in Crossout. Some primitive revenge was more important.

This is what I get for unlocking stuff and grinding here for years.

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^^^ And don’t forget the free car packs.


Greetings and THANKS for that detailed overview of the game! I’ve played a lot of different games and
that sort of hubris seems endemic amongst developers - although the folks at Coffee Stain Studio who
make Satisfactory are DEF the exception to that rule. If you don’t know of Satisfactory, I’d highly
recommend it. But I digress…

I’m on a fixed income so I can’t be throwing money at a game - but have considered spending a SMALL
amount to sort of kick-start things. Any recommendations would be great! I’d just like to get a car
set up strong enough to grind through the PVE
with a bit of ease. Don’t expect to go much over lev 15 or 20 or so… Also would enjoy working
(the rather complex) Market. Years ago I did pretty good on an early WOW server.

Your art build is pretty wild! I can imagine how many hours you ground away
on those efforts. :upside_down_face: I got a tiny bite when an early building attempt was
unceremoniously overwritten with no warning.

I’m just hoping to get a setup decent enough for some entertaining play - I must say the GFX is stunning!
So I gather details of rides in the Faction blueprints are just not available - maybe some update will fix it.

Your post deserves a re-read - lotta good info there - thanks again! :upside_down_face:


Great, here are some more tips. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would appear you’re on a console. The PC market is 1/3 the cost, so it would be better to make a new account on the PC. The crossplay that the developers had promised by the end of 2022 may only have been intended to combine both console versions. PC teams are still 8v8, and when asked in a dev stream, they confirmed they’ll keep it this way. I’ve recently been seeing console players logging into the PC version form new accounts just to ask about crossplay, and one even started to level up a little. With how expensive the market is in the console versions, and how markedly worse the moderators are over there, as well as teams of 6 being a constant reminder of a smaller scale, it’s probably better to transition early, if you can. Better graphics alone won’t be worth it in the long run.

Spending money will mean committing to one of the platforms long-term. The upcoming Battle Pass will have a 4-energy legendary generator that would give you a huge boost early on. It’ll also have a legndary cabin for drones with 12 energy, probably 2 pieces of the new legendary machinegun, and 1 piece of a new legendary cannon. You get all these pre-upgraded, just by levelling up the BP. You’ll be able to craft more in the event workbench.

With packs and premiums, you can put off spending until an interesitng discount appears. If you bought a 1-year premium at the recent 60% discount, it may still not be a reason to stay in a console version, in the long run.

You’ll eventually figure out your combat style. For now, test the various weapons and modules in the exhibition, by searching vehicles with specific parts. Remember to untick “Trending” to find vehicles older than a week. Don’t spend coins unless you know for sure you’ll be using something a lot. I don’t expect anyone do get good before completing five thousand PvP battles, which means that you’ll spend a long time experimenting and learning the basics of combat and building. You can take it easy. Watch others and learn. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Definitely learn sniping with the Avenger. It can be useful even at higher PS, and I used it with success in the helicopter brawl. An advanced skill of canon sniping works in such a way that you don’t even have to aim, it’s instinctive, automatic. It’s super cool how you score long-range cannon hits better when not really aiming, than when trying to focus.
Scopes don’t cost energy anymore, you can carry have one. I only use an Iris, upgraded to 3.6-6x zoom. But use both if you need to.
A set of Sinuses will be useful in raids and special events. That’s what you could generally use for PvE. It’s a simple solution, but universal and effective. But it depends on your personal style.
An upgraded Chill increases shooting time by 71%, compared to a base Seal’s 70%. It has more HP, and the Seal’s perk is hard to use with most mgs. It looks like the perks of the Seal and the Shiver were swapped. I recommend getting 2 Chills and upgrading them in the future.
For the Avenger, undermount the Ammo Packs. Investing in an Ammo Box will increase your survivability. 1 Ammo Box = a little over 3 Ammo Packs.
Autocannons seem like fun weapons for PvE. Accuracy doesn’t deteriorate in a sequence of two shots.
Any weapon you choose, plan ahead the whole loaodout, with potential upgrades. E.g., the new co-driver, Hertz, buffs the Bigfoots, the Buggies, the Cockpit, the Cheetah, the Aggressor, several weapons, and you can add drones or turrets to this mix. In general, there are certain possibilities with complex interrelations that require detailed planning.
In PvP, always have a radio and a radar, so teammates can help you, though hardly anyone looks at the map.
Set your mnimap size to Large and scale to 1, to make the most of radar data.
Get a detector as soon as you can. The Doppler is the most useful module in the game.
For wheels, the APCs are a solid long-term choice. Wheel grip increases with the tier, epic wheels being the most grippy. The recent change that halved the grip of ST wheels made no sense, only introducing unnecessary chaos. Upgrading wheels for grip only made sense with epic ones, but now you may want to avoid that upgrade altogether. I recommend using ST wheels only, for better manoeuvrability. If you need more than 4, you can make the middle pair non-ST. In my boosted Clarinet car with 8 wheels, the second pair, closest to the center of gravity, is non-ST, because that way they affect the turn radius the least. That allowed me to use 8 wheels instead of 10.
From the newly-added in-game guide, you probably know about mounting weapons on the cabin, frames and pass-thorugh parts, as well as undermounting explosive parts.
A row of Thorn bumpers 7 blocks above the ground is useful against hovercrafts.
Thre’s a bug with bumpers penetrating through one another at high speeds, e.g. a Hatchet can glitch through a Train Plow and hit the cabin behind it for full damage. But that’s mostly with boosting. More details on boosting here, although you don’t need that now:

Do as many weekly challenges as you can, to get the most badges every week, for unlocking parts from past seasons and certain packs. I calculated the total badge amount required over a year ago, so I don’t remember the exact number, but that now could be around 90K badges. Don’t always spend all your badges in a given week. You may prefer some that will apear the next week. Stick to the criteria of HP, pass-though and bumpers with 10 damage bars.

For now, you’ll have to do every possible raid challenge, if you want to get more badge parts sooner. Later on, prioritize plastic raids, for the most value. Do electronics raids too. Try to only do defence raids, as they yield the most resources. Avoiding copper raids at that stage will be more profitable, with an added benefit of being teamed with better players - smarter players seem to avoid copper raids. I buy copper and scrap.

These are the best resource exchange rates:
500 scrap for 265 badges
500 copper for 160 badges
200 wires for 225 badges
100 plastic for 335 badges
100 electroncis for 535 badges
200 batteries for 320 badges.

I get batteries with badges, as grinding takes too long. Stock up on some batteries and electronics as soon as you see the optimal numbers, as you might need them for some event with crafting unique decor. 200 of each is safe to always have.
I prefer to farm wires, but occasionally get them with badges.
Exchanging badges for scrap has roughly the same coin value as exchanging for plastic.

The ratio of scrap to copper in crafting is 5:1. Stockpile them in this proprtion.

Always have both fuel modules in PvP. Sell fuel only for more than 8 coins / 100.

Calculate the cost of crafting something vs. its market price. Today, crafting a rare item is some 26 coins, a special 126 coins, an epic 492 coins. I normally assume that as 50, 150 and 540, and legendaries as 3300. Sometimes it’s better to buy something at a higher price to have a peace of mind. Many players use crossoutdb.com because it’s easier; I don’t.

In combat, prioritize higher ground. Stay with the team, unless your loadout requires going solo. Use the Verifier to intercept sneakers. Upgrading a Doppler and a Verifier for more range of in cover/invisibility detection can be very useful. Chameleons for faster reload. Choose spread upgrades over spread increase when both are available, such as with the Miller. +10% damage resistance is reportedly a better uprgade than +10% HP, especially for cabins, although the upcoming season should have a 7-energy legendary cannon with a perk reducing up to 90% of resistance bonuses for 10 seconds. The thing with the resistance upgrade for cabins was, as someone explained it to me, a vehicle in practice could get several hundred extra HP that way. If freezing perks reducing damage resistances become commonplace, any such upgrade will become worhless.

This seems to be it for now. :wink:

Oh yeah, and keep checking this thread for free stuff:

Just a quick reply to your VERY helpful info: I am on a (self-built!) PC and will pour over all the info you have provided. BIG THAKS! :heart_eyes:

The only advantage to this is for pay to win players.

Console is ten times better for free to play players because we can make money on our market.

The increased prices don’t mater because everything is increased so it balances out. Also because we do not have price corridors like PC does - our market actually works.

Now, if someone who wants to drop a few hundred bucks to get ahead instantly then PC all the way! 100% agree, get out that pocket book and don’t look back. The packs on PC translate into more gear and you will get more value for your money.