0.13.70 Update Announcement

[Announcement] 0.13.70 update announcement

r/Crossout - [Announcement] 0.13.70 update announcement


Today we would like to tell you about what you should expect in the next update 0.13.70, which is scheduled for this week. It’s quite possible that many of you would want to stock up on resources for the future event.

We remind you that these announcements contain preliminary information. Some changes may be implemented by the time of the update’s release. For the same reason, we don’t announce a list of parts and/or planned recipes for their production.

So, in the next update we plan to present you:

Brawl festival

Brawl festival returns to Crossout! This time, the festival will include even more modes: for a month, a new brawl will appear every two days. On a separate note, we would like to share some great news with the survivors who miss the “Storm Warning” brawl: the festival will feature a similar mode, but with slightly modified rules.

Raven pavilion

r/Crossout - [Announcement] 0.13.70 update announcement

The Ravens will return to the Valley just in time for the start of the Brawl Festival. They will reopen their workbench and will reward all participants of the brawl festival with talers. Survivors will be able to use talers and other parts and resources to produce unique parts and cosmetic items of the Ravens and Knechte, as well as some parts with pre-determined upgrades.

New unique armoured car and new garage

r/Crossout - [Announcement] 0.13.70 update announcement

In this update, Alva, the daughter of Arbiter Petrolium, will arrive to the Wasteland. Her unique armoured car will be equipped with the new “Varun” crossbow and frontal wheel “Sabbath”. In just a little while we will find out what features these parts will have and what vehicle blueprints will benefit the most from using them.

Many of you guessed that in the first announcement of the new parts, we also showed you the first screenshot of the new garage. And now we invite you to take a look at its panorama. There hasn’t been a garage like that in Crossout yet!

The update is scheduled to be released this Thursday. See you at the brawl festival!


im a bit disappointed that its a new garage. i was hoping for a new arena battle mode or something pve related to do. dont get me wrong, the garage looks MASSIVE and nice, but i thought it was going to be a new mode / pve mode to do.
also spooky portrait, she looks like she could cast a spell on you by just looking at her!
can we see some new pve modes in the future devs?

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Can’t wait for the new crossbow. Great! :slightly_smiling_face:
I would like to mention that the promotional art is really misleading in this game. It usually portraits these vehicles moving really fast and raising clouds of dust in their speed, while in the actual game, it’s all slow and sluggish. I’d remove the clouds of dust and add a snail outrunning the vehicles. :slight_smile:

But yeah, looking forward to the update!

They don’t read the forum and most likely no.

That’s nice and all, but I’d rather hear their news about how they’re fixing EU wheel87 and wheel88. Very little incentive to pay when the game barely runs…
I hope the wheel is gud, I could use some new toys I guess.

update to be able to enter the game faster and return to the garage faster, load a blueprint faster, and be able to choose and manage friends from the list

It really sucks that it was a garage.

Arena should be a permanent mode. Maybe with a weekly Ore payout like clan wars. But you do not get Ore for games.


i actually do like this idea. maybe make a mode where theres arena battles, you and and a team of 4 go in and try to get the highest score possible in endless waves and after the time limits up itll give your team the scores they accumulated over that time and place you on a leader board. the top 100 people can get maybe 10 or 20 uranium per week. however its not all, you can win things like scrap, copper, wires, batteries and electronics. depending what you choose itll take more and more points to get that item perhaps.