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This is still my favorite game of all time.


Also my favourite game of all time. And for context, the first home gaming I did was on games that had to be loaded from cassette tape. Floppy discs were such a big upgrade!

I remember getting a cassette recorder for my TSR80 I thought it was so awesome.

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The game has many annoying issues and has the potential to be so much better than it is, but I agree with Monkey it’s still the best game ever made lol.

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Me too - this is a great game in my opinion. Ok - EVERY game has issues and here is the BIGGEST that i think.

Its advertised as free to play. This means FTP player feel they have should have everything within the first week, and that just not the reality of the game genera. If you want to progress faster, the best bang for buck is premium which is always on special between Xmas and new year at 50% off and battle passes.

These are what i spend each year: Premium, battle pass and the occasional 50% off pack, and i get at least 20 hours a week out of this which is FANTASTIC value. I brought A Terminator game for $60 which was great, but 23 hours of game-play single player, not multiplayer mode.

Also, if you are struggling, find a PvE clan and enjoy the game with others.

I say bring back cassettes with 10 minute loading times for a 20k game and watch the young people cry…lol…

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This is one of my all time favorite games I’ve ever played as well. I do believe the game Devs have stated at some point this is their favorite game as well. So they will probably keep it alive for a good while longer. Lots of play time left for crossout.

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New packs means new toys. And for older players like me who have used just about everything they are a welcome adition. And they can be obtained with ought spending any rl money. Thanks to other players of course.


I think the OP changed the topic :slight_smile:

I guess with that statement you failed at your goal.


we just didnt care