1 days ban ,if you quit a match in pvp, but in clan battle its only 10 minutes

I don’t get it.

i been quitting matches all day in pvp and no time outs ,im on pc,what r u on?

I’m not saying ,i got ban. I’m saying ,if you quit a match in CB you are automatically ban for ONLY 10 minutes. And for pvp you can be ban for 1 day .

by the way, i’m on XBOX ,lucky you are :wink:.

Does it know the difference between someone quitting or someone being disconnected?

I never quit but i sometimes get disconnected…but thats rare. I think it’s problems on my end though.

I know the difference between disconnected and quit. But yeah they need to fix disconnection in CB.

pretty funny that you feel personally addressed when he asks “does it know the difference?”

I didn’t felt personally adressed.

Well i do get disconnected from time to time from games. Not sure of exact reason. I play exclusively on the russian servers and im east coast usa. We’ve have had issues on this end with service just dropping and coming right back but its so rare and comes right back on that i havnt really put the effort in to looking into it.

Ive never been banned for anything crossout related…didnt even know they did that for quitting a game early. Sounds a lil extreme.

Just read the game ules.

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are you high? he asked, does it, meaning the game, know whether one quits or disconnects and you answered yes i know.
the game knows when you click on leave battle but it cant distinguish between you pulling the plug or your provider dropping your connection.

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I’m not a native english speaker, thats why i didn’t understand his sentence completely.

fair enough. it seemed to me there was a misunderstanding.

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