100 part limit?

It would be nice to have 100 part limit…How hard can that be?


Too much server strain or whatever… or that’s what they used to say. Every part has to be taken account for when in game which is quite a lot of moving parts with different attributes, locations etc etc…

Every maxed out pvp lobby of 8v8 could have 1280 parts for the game to keep track of… it’s why you sometimes see bots in pve disappear when too many are spawned in… or at least that’s what I assume.


It’s not just vehicle parts, it’s also all physical projectiles that have ballistic calcs attached, as well as destroyable objects so the matches end up with many more more data objects than that.

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Yeah it’s a lot of stuff

The servers all ready strain even with a low player base XD. I guess I shouldent expect much from this game though its old and the devs are trying to milk a diseased disabled cow of a game XD in stead on fixing the main issues like servers

I think for a higher part or player-per-team limit then the game would need a proper overhaul… a new engine, better servers etc and there’s no way they’re getting the money to do such a thing and I doubt they ever will… sadly.

Yes needs an overhaul maybe Xo 2.0 But the Robocraft devs tried that and it flopped

They already did a 2.0 so they’d need a 3.0… or perhaps a 2.5 lol

D:> Wha this game just an update right?

Porting games over can cause all sorts of issues that can’t be found till it’s up and running again. It would take a larger effort and amount of capital than it might be worth to do that.

Well they did a large update to the engine which is why they labeled it 2.0. They changed the lighting systems and a bunch of other stuff all at the same time. You can read it here if you hadn’t read it at the time:

The engine as they call it is named Targem Engine 2.0 the mobile edition uses unity though.

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I can’t remember who said it 1st but I’ve always liked the idea of getting 1 extra part to build with for each level of Prestige gained over level 100 with the Engineers. But, then, there are people with like level 300, so, I don’t think it’s a feasible idea. Still, I like the idea.


80 parts, plus 16 stickers? Hubcaps too? That is 100 parts total with 4 wheels.

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If we could be able to get only 5 parts more to make it 85, that would be amazing. 100 parts would be too much and I agree with xo_guy123. Dirty_Hamster mentioned that we have to consider moving projectiles etc. Lets not forget decals and paints on different parts. There are many things we have to take in consideration, thats why they wouldn’t do such a change, maybe in 6 years from now when we all have better consoles and they have better servers etc.

The proof was on the old forums which do not exist anymore, this isn’t a point which I particularly care for if it’s believed or not by the community as I know the truth and it changes nothing except the opinion of those who’d opinion on the subject does not matter.

That’s not fair, you probably have 6 fingers to pick from

They actually stated it at one point but @xo_guy123 is correct it was on the old forum and is lost to us right now. There’s a lot of posts I would have loved to have been able to save from there in retrospect too.

Not that I want to bring up anything poli-sci related but there are a lot of tech related sanctions going on too. This is generally a large holdback for international gaming. Lets try to just leave it at that. I’d be happy if we could just fix what we already have going on first.

I have some odd screenshots from back then… I do miss being allowed this title

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 02.15.15

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I was so sad when they closed the idea section down.

I wasn’t even looking for that. I just remember them telling us about it.