1000 year ban on russian forum

This is what happens when you mention navalnymort, he who shall not be named. They are kicking up more of a stink about the market bots on the russian side of the forum then here and i wanted to weigh in but I’m blocked for 1000 years. If they got the technology to detect users who are typing too fast then why can’t they use the same tech to weed out the marketbots who are trading too fast, hypocrites at targem.


I was copy and pasting from google translate but i doubt that is the reason, I only had a paragraph if that before the ban came.

On the upside, this means that Crossout could exist for at least 1000 more years! :grinning: And those Russian chess masters know that and have planned ahead. After we submit to AI for an easier life of abundance, wtih robots taking over the burden of doing all the work, we’ll be able to play Crossout indefinitely. An anti-cancer pill has just been invented this year, and immortality should be right behind the corner. It’ll only be up to AI to keep us around, playing games. :slightly_smiling_face:


What happened to fluffybadgers comments? I had a couple of replies i do think and they are gone as well with nothing in my notfications about it.

I don’t think the devs are quite there yet considering the state of the bots in the game but I’m sure they do have programs that can detect stuff. The russian forum is way way more moderated/censored while moderation here is almost non existant so there just could be mods monitoring your activity on the russian forum in a nsa style fashion. When the ban happened the crossout browser had a serious slow down for like 5 to 10 minutes while all the other websites worked fine, almost liked i was being hacked or something.

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" Special operation" = Elephant in the room.

Don’t sweat, the third reich was supposed to last 1000 years and only lasted what? 12 years?
And that was a country that geared it’s economy towards war from the get go, they planned ahead ± 6 years
He who shall not be named won’t last much longer.

You went there and got banned, in Warships there isn’t no more community, they shut down the forum, now only in discord for who ever what it.

There is only 1 guy who can truly unindoctrinate you.
You are looking through his eyes now.
All he needs is time and a curious mind.

ah, the quarreler king is back! good job on that ban, the russians need to hear it. although i suspect most of them already have, they just prefer to believe theyre the good guys.

yeah because they dont give a crap about their enemy “western” players who, lets get real here, probably pay the bulk of their income, get semi scammed all the time yet keep giving them dollars and euros. foreign currency which must be in desperate demand in north north korea.

i think the lack of moderation here is great, at least when something gets deleted you know its only because a weak mind ratted you out.

doesnt seem to work for you though.

do you think russia is going to be the 4th rome or something? or is it about space aliens and free masons again? “humans couldnt have produced a turd as large as putin, so its obvious he was created by aliens from outer space”

Just as your taste in music will change as you move through life, so will your perception and world view change. :sunglasses:

i understand, if life has you down its easier to find simple minded solutions, shift the blame to others rather than taking agency and overcoming struggles.

Read back and you will see i only suggested you find the answers yourself friend.
It looks like you are in a dark place and view this as some kind of ego battle, when im just and old guy imparting knowledge to the next generation.

On two occasions, I posted pictures on the Russian forum, and they got hidden by a moderator. After the second time, I asked why that was, and the moderator informed me they hide pictures for the benefit of the phone users. Bandwidth? Easier scrolling without the pictures? But it steel feels weird. The Russian forum may have around half the activity of the English one, and I’m to believe they’re so active as to use phones for that?

Careful with misgendering/misspecieing this one. Maybe just avoid. I don’t even read the comments.

Why do you think i’m into some doctrine?
And why do you think i need to be indoctrinated?

No the russain forum got like 30% to 40% more activity than the english forum and i think it is way more moderated too. One of the reasons why i think it is more moderated is because you will notice quite a few more closed threads there. I tallied 4 locked out threads for the past week on the russian forum and 0 for the english one.

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Yes, it does seem more active now. When I visited it last at least 6 months ago, I remember there being more threads with more than 1 day since the last activity on the main forum page than on the English forum. And half of those may have been like 2-3, or more days. I’m faily certain that’s what I saw. And I don’t mean pinned threads, just regular ones, with more days closer to the “More” button. Sorry, should’ve checked first. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the info on the closed threads, that’s telling.

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Yea there is this mod on the russian forum named nordvarg who just has a field day closing threads. This march alone he closed 21 threads so he averages 1 thread closure per day.