15 hours cooldown?

I get this is most likely to avoid spamming, but there is a difference between spamming and being an active forum member… Maybe they should of kept stats of account age or something. I realise now it’s not much of an issue since I havnt seen the “new user on their first day” part but still could be done better.

Do the tutorial in via the message from discobot and fill out the mins for the trust levels stuff for the forum and you’ll never see that msg again. It’s automatic and they are apparently not paying us as much mind right now except when they want to delete stuff.

Yeah, I’ve figured the message only popped up in early time of the account being ported over here, just had to wait the 15 hours and I’m good. I just wish they had made the site recognise your account existing before the new site. On the other hand, it doesn’t surprise me at all.