16 points of drones

And a single 4 point spark weapon kills it all in 1 second.
is this imba, what do you think?

I can run turrets down really fast too. This is one of the reasons don’t like to play them. I honestly only play them for BP challenges the rest of the time they are dead to me.

i have never used turrets, because they are so easily to avoid or destroy.
i was talking about drones here, and not turrets buddy.

I just shoot them or run them down, it’s really not any different to me.

well good for you, but it doesnt awnser the question of my origonal post.

You are clearly far too upset about this…

wheeled drones where nerfed to the ground a long time ago. They are actually in need of some buffs now days as they are easily countered. But that will never happen as they are meant to be an augment to damage or a distraction now days.

It’s more than just Rock, Paper, Scissors in this case… While spark makes short work of drones, a pure melee build (lower PS) could say the same when chasing down a fast light droner that obliterates him with his flying drones.

But basically, drones should be made of paper, because of the auto attacks. And while we may argue that you can’t select a target, or you have inactive time, they still are AI and deal a fair amount of dmg (Not Sidekicks).
There was a time, Sidekickapolypse, where Sidekicks literally wrecked everything. My PTSD of that only recently let go.

In any way, Spark’s two uses are to slow things down and… you’ve guessed it, clear out drones/turrets. Just bring drones to lower PS where there are no or little Sparks.

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I’d suggest giving all the drones the Annihilator treatment i.e let players assign targets for them. While there isn’t much you can do about spark blasting them being able to assign multiple targets for them can give a drone player some ability to send them away from a spark player and keep them from grouping into a tight formation.

They could also tweak the drones pathfinder AI to make the drones run away from sparks too. I can’t see it being super effective but depending on how far the detection radius is they could potentially move away from the spark source.