17 energy, the double bubble wheel builds ride again!

Cheetah, 2 aegis is 5 energy. Add in the Odin and it finally opens up the possibility to run 3 4 energy guns or 2 6 energy guns.

Right now ive got a triple puni Fav cab dub bub and a photon triple destructor dub bub lined up. Ill post some pics and let you know the results of how they do in CWs. Im extremely optimisitc. Time will tell

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This may work out to my favor. By widening the player gap, there’s less chance I’ll confront the veteran high-rollers in combat. Woo-hoo, and all that. :neutral_face:


That’s what I’m thinking is going to happen. The new generator should bump the hardcore CW players into a higher PS range, leaving things a bit more chill in mid/high PS.

Only time will tell though.