1v1 missions

I have a suggestion to add official 1v1 battles, because regular missions are full of bots and are not balanced in skill nor power score, and I also think that 1 on 1 is more fun in general

Seems like a fun idea, but I wonder if they haven’t done something like this thus far in order to avoid the potentially abusive subculture it could generate?

you would need restrictions like a brawl…
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you would need the same car to compete…so yes it can be done.but only like this.

Not sure this would work unless both players had the exact same build. Then we would be stuck with dev cars…

I would suggest doing it like a challenge. If your guest accepts the challenge, you pick a power-score limit ( a number between 5-9K?), and hop in the queue with a build that meets that PS requirement. Then blow each other up.

You could get real nasty and allow wagers (scrap? Coupons? Shell Casings?).

They could create a work-bench, exclusive to the 1 vs 1 Challenge, where you could craft trophies or challenge related decor and stickers to flaunt what an alpha you are. They would need to invent and incorporate an exclusive currency (resource) that you earned from wins too, I suppose, so you could use the earnings to acquire trophies relative to how well you do with this mode…people would cheat that schit.

The thing is, regular matches arent really balanced either, so if you matched weapons / movement parts / modules / the PS, i think it would make for a fun game mode.
When i do a friendly 1v1 against somebody, i really dont care whether our builds are entirely 100% equal, both have their different strategy and that makes it fun.

As i said, regular matches are already putting players against each other at an over 5000 PS difference, so anything better than that would probably work fine (I know that players matched against higher ps also have a higher ps teammate, but such large differences in ps hopefully wouldnt occur in 1v1 battles)

And on top of all these things, even if the 1v1 gamemode would only be a brawl, the only way to have a 1v1 right now is eiter Bedlam or an entire custom game

What do you mean by an abusive subculture? Like as in players using builds that abuse the 1 on 1 mechanic?

speaking of which, i just relised this gamemode would probably have to only allow shotguns / melee / fire against the same type of weapon, which would probably be a problem.
Although i would hope that this wouldnt be enough of an issue to prevent the gamemodes creation

Kids fighting and accusing each other of cheating (actually cheating?), calamity, name calling, bitch wars, that sort of thing. I’m certain this player base would find a way to make it a miserable feature for the developers that needed constant policing…if it was done the way I envisioned it.

There are maybe other ways to go about it. I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

I think a very basic 1v1 gamemode wouldnt be that difficult to implement, and as far as the actual community or balancing goes, realistically the developers wont really care.

Toxic players are everywhere, they cant do anything about that, and balancing already is an existing issue, so adding a fun little gamemode without any special content around it for people who want to play 1 versus 1 wouldnt hurt

I had once suggested a dueling system for 1v1 that would just exist (launched from) in the context window in chat so you could essentially find it similar to how you could start whispering to someone.

There is an issue for rewards and ratings for a system like this though it can’t be fairly done because it’s too easy for players to throw a match.

Even without them I thought it would be kind of a funny fun idea.

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I’m all for it…as long as they didn’t force it on me to earn badges through.

I would like it if it came with it’s own decor workbench where you could spend your earnings.

If it wasn’t a random encounter though, people would just solicit stooges to loose for them, so they could harvest more resources, wash rinse repeat, until you’ve got a relic. I think a system like this (1vs1) sounds vulnerable to cheats and exploits…from NefariousTurd_666 and his hypothetical deviant clan-mates.

Many games including Crossout do not lend themselves well to a 1v1 mode. Crossout and other team-based games often use counterplay to mesh with the teamwork dynamic. 1v1 in Crossout doesn’t work due to heavy counterplay.

1v1 modes only work well when the players hav e mirrored kits/items and even weapons, there are exceptions to the weapons of course as first person shooters tend to be the posterchild of “1v1 me bro” but honestly the only game I’ve personally played where 1v1 was relevant was Rocket League

I understand the casual side of trying a 1v1 but if it’s casual you can just go into customs to try it out otherwise a 1v1 mode would be very toxic very quickly even though the premise of a 1v1 in Crossout is stupid to begin with; the 1v1 toxic culture people usually don’t understant when a 1v1 is actually relevant.


oh yeah, i forgot 1v1 already exists.

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I know crossout as a whole is built on team play, but honestly sometimes i just feel like hopping on a 1v1 for fun.
I dont expect any rewards from it, nor do i expect to play against a petfectly equal build to mine.
I think a simple system to match similar power scores and weapon types would suffice to allow for some fun 1 on 1 matches

Either way, i dont know about other people, but i enjoy a 1v1 even if i realistically dont have a chance to win. And that probably wouldnt occur in an official match.
Although this is an issue in regular matches, where balance wouldnt be an issue if the actual expected team play dynamc took place.