1vs1 Challenge mode

Apart from all the pvp balancing issues in this game voiced by the community the last 3 years that have never been addressed by Targem Games.

The Game really needs a 1vs1 Challenge mode i think, to see whos exploit build is better when 2 players have an ego battle.
I think a Duel or Challenge mode would resolve the hatred in messages between players thinking they are better than others.


Custom mode?

Or you can just enter a custom battle…

It’s almost like you’ve never actually played the game.

Good call, but i doubt a person you are arguing with wants to be your friend and then enter your custom battle

1v1 ranked mode would be an interesting event, especially if there was a PS cap so that it would be more of a skill contest than a wallet contest.

Friend them, do the custom battle, unfriend them.

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1v1 ranked mode would be an interesting event, especially if there was a PS cap so that it would be more of a skill contest than a wallet contest.

It wouldn’t be. Arena and clan wars were/are dumpster fires, a smaller mode would not work any better than them.


Speak for yourself, I had a lot of fun with the Arena mode. One of my favourite event brawls yet, and since the queue time was usually short, I can’t have been the only one that enjoyed it.

I don’t really enjoy Clam Wars, but that has nothing to do with what I’m suggesting.

Arena mode was a dumpster fire from the very start. Gameplay was not based around some objective or some other more tactical aspect, it was based around raw numbers and how many close range weapons your team had vs the enemy team’s number of close range weapons. The maps were small enough that the basic radars were not worth using. The mode is best described as 6 drunks in a bar fighting each other.

I don’t know. This game is not made for 1v1. It’s just never going to be balanced even remotely for something like that. It’s too much of rock - paper - scissors - hovers - dogs.
Unless it’s premade builds in a way that every match both you and the opponent get the same mirror build. The only way it would be fair.

Some people are born to be ignored.

I also enjoyed Arena and I did well using radars and ACs. I did eventually start using a Draco build as well but that was mainly when I was stuck with randoms that just rushed in…it was the only way to help support them. If a team stayed back, wins were easy to be had smacking teams as they came in.

This game isn’t really designed for 1v1 but because we chose which builds we use, it could still work. Some builds would be pointless, while others would be OP. Would likely need to ban lances…maybe a few other builds.

I don’t think wallets play too much a part, other than having battle pass parts. Anyone that just bought BP parts has plenty to compete with anyone. To that point, I have said many times that old BPs should be available for purchase in some form or fashion. The same contrarians as always will spout off nonsense to argue against it but they should be ignored as always.