2.7 gig update rn. But why?

Whats it for?

No guessing!

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they fixed the stupid keybinds. was posting on my other post when the patch hit. already logged over, so not a guess.

It is a still solve or not I am waiting for more information.

Hmm…now im stuck on the mainscreen as it loads to bring me in game for like five minutes. Im not lovin that.

Ah. Well i guess i assumed wrong. I guess this isnt how they kill off old controls and side hovers.

After hotfix update R3 Look back don’t work but it is still listed which is a good thing, I am glad look back don’t work but they should still remove the description from the in game options.
Before Update

After Update. Lookback still listed but don’t work now

Devs released a description on reddit saying it was a bug which is definitely lies. They are just using us as guinea pig’s that’s all it is.

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its nothing just delete it is my best advice to you my friend

Yeah, you don’t change the label and add a control feature with a bug.

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I realized after that the look back/aim lock works in wheel mode but I say devs only did that just to cover themselves and make it more believable that the strafe binds wasn’t intentional. Just the fact that it wasn’t in the patch notes for the mr twister update is a huge red flag because they knew they would get flak for it but did it anyways just to get a response. If it was only a wheel mode feature why hide it because it ain’t a bad wheel mode bind but the worst thing to bind for strafing. They left it has a wheel mode bind just to cover their tracks.

Another thing that dawned on me was that this wasn’t like some hard to find bug we are talking about if we are to believe what the devs are saying that this was in fact a bug, this was so in your face and the fact it took them a few days to fix it tells me they were waiting for a reaction because something that game breaking should of been fixed with in a few hours to a day but they waited 5 days just enough time to get the proper feedback they needed.

Or maybe it’s a small company, and they’re more focused on PC, and simply screwed up when porting it to console?
Remember, they originally didn’t want to allow the old strafing controls, and only relented because of player outcry.
Makes sense that there might be problems with legacy strafing controls with updates that were originally intended for only the new controls.
I’m glad I like the new controls so I don’t have to deal with your problems.

I am on pc and the problem is on pc as well. Don’t seem to me like your even trying to do your homework in issues like this. I can’t even take you seriously.


I got no problems either with the old controls, don’t know what your getting on with man. Seems You like for me to have a problem with the controls, i dunno how else to explain what your getting on with.

Its not just a wheel mode bind. Look back and weapon lock work as displayed on the new controls when useing strafeing parts.

No it don’t. I tested bigrams then and the new binds only work in wheeled mode. Also tested ml 200 with same results no aim lock or look behind whatsoever.

Nobler is trying to use the old strafing controls on a controller on PC.

At least I think that’s what’s going on. It’s often confusing trying to figure out what they are trying to say.

Anyway, I stand by my belief that they simply overlooked the complications of not only porting the new controls to console (and to PC controller users like Nobler), but they were even less prepared for figuring out how to backpedal to allow the old strafing controls along with the new features.

It really makes more sense to see it at a goof up than some kind of deliberate plan.

I’m assuming whatever fix they came up with disables the rear view and/or free look options in strafe mode.

Why are trying to make it seem like i am struggling or something, omg comical.

Your posts don’t sound like the kind of thing someone who isn’t having issues with the game would post.

I had issues with the game when devs made the mandatory bins but I don’t now. Your thinking in the past tense but the update is fixed.

I’m golden i love the old controls don’t struggle at all. New controls I really struggle with tho