"20 Side Missions Challenge", not being credited

Just a heads-up: there’s a glitch with the “20 side missions” weekly challenge, and we’re not being credited for completing them. If you do this challenge, check your mission counter. Other players noted this problem too. I filed an error report to Gaijin.


I had the same issue… So, I only did a couple at a time, exited to the garage & came back so I didn’t burn a lot of time not getting credit. It was working maybe 2/3 of the time.

Update - I just tried again, completed 1 mission, and was credited for it. Yay!

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Another update…um…so I went back in, completed 6 missions after it seemed like the problem was resolved, and I DID NOT receive credit for them. Oh well.

Yeah, that’s why I was doing like 2 at a time. Frustrating.

I also had a raid not count yesterday… got reward and everything, but didn’t count for the weeklies.

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You know… I wasn’t watching out for it, so I’m not sure, but I think the same happened to me.

I don’t even nor have I ever bothered with the 20 side missions task, I’m not even motivated enough to look for the remaining cameras in adventure mode haha

They announced it’s fixed with the minor update this morning.

Yeah I saw that, does that make you happy? :rofl:
Well, doesn’t really affect me but others who do those will be happy!

Happy? I was already happy.