2022 building tips and tricks

Let’s share our findings and discoveries when it comes to building functioning vehicles with the new state of the game

I noticed that a heavier, mostly back-heavy build I have, handles like excrement now in the setup of, from the front to the back ST, regular, ST
But if I place the wheels like ST, ST, regular, it works a bit better in that setup, with non steering wheels at the back and st wheels at the front and middle.
Might be an easy way to make your old builds handle a bit better in this new state of game

Yeah, I’ve noticed that weight balance has a big effect now, but I’m into it.
My builds seem to work best when my centre of mass is in the middle, but I’m not hating the exaggerated drift when weight is heavier in the rear.
Definitely seems like everyone should test variations on wheel placement. And if you’re not already using at least some non-ST wheels, you probably should (Assuming you know how to use the handbrake well).

Even with the new changes to the game I don’t plan to use non-ST wheels.

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I can’t see any real advantage for all ST builds, except possibly for really heavy slow builds that need a very tight turning radius at low speeds. But even on those I would still throw on a couple non-ST for less power draw, more tonnage.
Having said that, it seems like the handbrake change might allow all-ST builds to do quick handbrake 180s now, which is cool.
I just always want my acceleration as high as possible, and all ST limits that too much for me.

Do you fuse all your wheels for power? (I do)

Ok, so the way that Crossout assigns the turning of wheels depends on how many sets of wheels you have.

If you have 4 wheels then the front set is front turning wheels and the back set is back turning wheels. (They both turn opposite of each other)

If you have 6 wheels, then your front two sets are front turning and your rear wheels and back turning wheels.

If you have 8 wheels then the front two sets are front turning and the second two sets are back turning.

I play mostly 14k+, I also use power fused hermits (with a power fused cabin and engine) instead of bigfoot on most my builds. I’ll at least have 8 wheels, so I’ll have two sets of front steering wheels and 2 sets of back steering wheels. If I lose my back two or my front two wheels the car still drivers the same as is did when it had 8 wheels. BUT if one set of my wheels where non-st then this would not be the case. Let’s say they where on the 3rd set and then I lost my back tires. Now I have 2 sets for front steering and then a set that does not turn.

I know that was long :slight_smile: and I hope it makes sense.

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It does make sense, but we just have different priorities.
Because I’m more likely to be playing four wheel builds, I’m used to my handling changing dramatically if I lose a wheel. So when I go to six or eight wheel builds, I feel fine losing a few wheels and having my handling change.
For my playstyle, I would rather have less wheel redundancy and more acceleration, as I feel that helps me avoid losing wheels in the first place.
I almost never play heavy builds on wheels though. When I go big, I’ll use legs or augers. I’d even rather use tracks than wheels with heavy cabins.

Not saying your approach is wrong! I see it working for a lot of people.
Even so, I bet you could get away with one pair of non-ST on an eight wheel build and still get the redundancy you crave along with less power drain.

As an aside, I love how the Crossout mechanics allow so many very different approaches for different personalities. Everyone finds different things that work for them, which often won’t work for other people.

Edit: I don’t fuse my wheels (yet), but my most used wheels are fused from the BPs. And I usually only use four, so most of the time I am running all fused wheels.

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I very rarely use heavy cabins.

I use 8 wheels to max out even medium legendary cabins, unless I use bigfoots and I can use 5-6 on light or medium cabins.

And yes :slight_smile: that is what makes Crossout great, different strokes for different folks.

Your point about the power is valid, but that is why I fuse for all power, so I can have the best of both worlds. Redundancy and speed.

The vast majority of my builds have pretty even weight distribution already, so everything kind of moves just fine for my builds. Also I only use sabbath wheels so I can’t give tips on how to manage St and non st combo builds anymore. I’m no help here lol. All I can say is build like tenshi always has built…

This is where I am with all my ground builds.
No need for changes.

I need to play around with hovers a bit.

I barely used hovers previously, so my thoughts probably aren’t that valuable, but I was playing with them today and it seems like the position of the hovers impacts your tilt more than your mass distribution.
Which means if you want some tilt, you can achieve it in a way that won’t get messed up too much by losing frontal armour.
Mass still has an effect, but hover positioning seems to be the big stability factor now.

I’m yet to play around with new hovers. I’m not to keen on it. I don’t really have anything that works how I want on hovers atm anyways. Porcs on hovers I guess… But Ive seen some really dippy porc hovers. Im really not keen on that. Omnis or legs or augers just seem better for porcs now.

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I play my porcs on only bigrams for a long time now. Nothing to do with the patch. It’s just better to me even before the patch.

My favorite is quad porc, hadron, king, redhot, 7 bigrams (4 forward and 3 backwards) - power/mass fused everything.

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Now I understand why so many hover hate comments are coming from you

Hover hater exposed :crazy_face:

Another good tip is to get Sabbaths and fuse them during this event, I can’t believe how stable these wheels are now compared to any other kinds of wheels

Yeah… no.

I have several hover builds I like to play and I played hovers for years in clan wars. I have had a set of fused blue hovers as long a I can remember. I fused my first set so long ago they didn’t even have power as a fuse when I originally did mine. I have fused a second set of hovers since then.

Just because people use different types of movement parts does not mean they are a hover hater. It means I own all the movement parts and want to play with different types.

This is a game after all.

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Some thoughts about wheels since the update:
Mass balance is a huge factor now, and it you ignore it your build will suffer greatly! My wheeled builds are mostly handling great, but last night I noticed that when I took a big cannon hit to the rear and lost a bunch of armour, my build started under steering because of all the mass still in the front.
This is not a complaint, as I like the realism, but it is something that you need to keep in mind. Similarly, when I lose my front bumper, my rear end gets really slippery.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you balance your build, during battle that balance will change. So I’ve been test driving deliberately unbalance builds to figure out how to adjust my driving style. Seems like if you make good use of your handbrake, you can regain control to some degree. When understeering you’ll need to use it more to make sharper turns.

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