3 days of premium subscription as a gift!😉

3 days of premium subscription as a gift!


Due to the recent DDoS attack on our servers, the players may have experienced various issues, including unstable connections, lags and abrupt disconnections from the game session. Because of all the recent server issues, we are giving away 3 days of premium subscription to all players as compensation.

To receive the 3 days subscription you will need to log into the game before February 9, 23:59 GMT, and pick up the gift in the upper right corner of the screen.


Maybe they should wait a few more days for this gift…no one is on :rofl:
friends 0…oh wait,it’s still disconnecting,yup and it’s Gone :saluting_face:


I was able to log in, click on free gift… and… exit server. 3 days of premium I can’t use.


Me too, get 3 days for the 15 you have not been able to play and then a big FU by shutting the servers down constantly all day.

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How is being DDOS attacked a FU?

They are not attacking themselves…

Oh…So, it isn’t earthquakes? It’s another nerdquake. They get that a lot.

I received my 3 days premium gift today, and so far, in the space of 6 hours, was only able to play for 10 minutes at a time before getting disco’d…when I was able to log on at all.

Three questions.

what’s a DDos attack?
Who is attacking?

sorry i didn’t see that i thought a player said that,i just posted it without reading it like i always do…
sorry, i just seen the quote in my name…first time for everything…
i deleted my response… :crazy_face:

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I’m the same. No prob. I appreciate the updated announcements (like others), so thanks for that.

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ok i didn’t clik the gift and the server is whacked still,(can’t login)…
so next week give us 2 weeks of free prem! what say you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What an asinine gift to give when the problem is still ongoing, it’s like giving someone a pair of shoes after one of there legs got amputated …

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I am going to wait a couple of days before I quick that. Right up to the Limit.

24 more hours would push it closer to Friday, which would be so much better.

Also, I want a free level of BP.